Reasons To Be Cheerful

There are so many reason to be cheerful here. Every flavor of homemade ice cream you can think of (with incredibly creative names) like E.T. and Black Raspberry Peacock… plus great coffee. What’s not to like? They have special hours right now with a take out window. Stand six feet apart and they’ll take your order. Take a look at their website. Yum!

Contact Information

110 Commonwealth Avenue Concord, MA 01742


Phone: 978-610-6248


Nathaniel Cassidy   August 21, 2020
Great homemade ice cream! Lovely full store!
Michelle Klieger   August 16, 2020
Great ice cream. New family favorite. Not outside seating
Maggie D.   November 14, 2019
amazing service and delicious ice cream! The employee Adam lifted my spirits and literally is so so cheerful!!! So helpful with choosing and over an...
Thomas Amoroso   August 29, 2019
Tasty ice cream served by pleasant folks, who are willing to improvise. My kid likes plain (no chocolate chips) strawberry ice cream. On the day in question, there was none. Staff made some using strawberries and vanilla ice cream (and the cool mix-in machine that can make soft-serve out of any flavor(s) you want, om nom). Boy was thrilled. Well done them!
Samantha Green   August 10, 2019
This was my first time here and wasn't expecting to get anything myself because I don't eat dairy.. and I had made peace with the fact that I was going to watch my kids eat ice cream while I sipped my tea.. but guess what??? Non-dairy birthday cake flavor, non dairy black raspberry, AND non dairy cookies and [no] cream! I was so excited! I WILL be back here.
Gaurav Khanna   March 2, 2019
Lovely neighborhood ice cream place with a delicious ice cream!
Michael Iveson   August 21, 2018
Bumping little ice cream joint. Large scoops on tiny cones. great flavor and not too sweet. They also have amazing and huge cookies. I think they also have a thing for cereal as there were options for cereal to be mixed into your ice cream and they had a corn flakes and marshmallow cookie.
Dan P.   May 23, 2018
All the neighborhood kids and families seem to love this place. Friendly service, they work with local groups like the girl scouts. When we go, there is...