Raffaele’s Barber Shop


Head Shave, Line up Haircut, Traditional Straight Razor Shave, Kids’ Haircuts, Neck Trim

Contact Information

15 Walden Street, Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-7048


B. P.   December 25, 2023
Best barber I've ever had. He's great with kids too, I bring my 3 sons in with me every few months. The only drawback is he works alone and he's busy so...
Ted Chan   October 12, 2023
Raffaele’s is an awesome old school Italian barber.
Jason R.   September 19, 2023
Got lucky with a walk-in on Tuesday morning and Raffael accomodated me. Classic barber who uses scissors AND makes good conversation. Already scheduled my...
Michael Julian   March 21, 2023
Awesome cut, value for money. Great people who are experts and meticulous - my lady has been cutting hair 40 years - I’m 36. Wife now pays attention to me
Jeffrey Lukowsky   March 11, 2023
Raffaele's always perfect and fast!
John D.   July 15, 2022
Love getting my haircut here. Quick and easy, and a great haircut! Just remember to bring cash or check.
Thomas Sadtler   April 12, 2022
I have been getting my hair cuts at Raffael’s for over a decade. He’s great.
Johnny V.   November 8, 2021
Excellent Beyond 5 Stars If I Could World Class Establishment Pristine Service Easy Parking Could Not Recommend More
William Bryant   October 25, 2021
Simply the best, and very reasonably priced. Remarkable!
Chris C.   September 3, 2021
The best barber in New England. I should tell you the opposite so you don't crowd the schedule, but he deserves all the credit. In Italy barbering is a...
Andrew Keener   September 2, 2021
Rafael is a great barber. Just go! You won't be disappointed.
Jeff Hunt   April 13, 2021
Wonderful, classic Italian barber shop.
Frank Lynch   March 1, 2021
Quite simply the best barber in Concord or any of the surrounding towns. Raffaele is also a great guy!
Jennifer C.   February 27, 2021
Raffaelle has a line in his shoppe every Saturday for a reason - he is the best. He is the only barber my son likes. His does a fantastic job and makes...
Frank Clark   February 25, 2021
Great barber. Great music. Great conversation. Nice guy.
William Callahan   June 19, 2020
The best haircut you can get in concord, or any of the other nearby towns. He's also super nice and very fun to talk to. Can't reccomened any other barbershop knowing this place exists
Blake Stover   June 10, 2020
I tried Raffaele when I first moved to Concord, and haven't gone anywhere else. I used to just pay the discount chain haircutteries to cut my hair for $12. Raffaele is more expensive, but totally worth it. He is very meticulous, doesn't rush through your cut, and always does an incredible job. What a great barber! I've been going to him for seven years now and haven't looked back since!
Andrew Dennison   August 11, 2014
The reason I only go to Raffaele's: My wife can tell the difference. Before Raffaele had his own shop, I went to a nearby shop with 3 barbers, where of course I had my preferences. But not wanting to be rude, I got my hair cut by the next available barber. Whenever I didn’t get Raffaele, my wife would notice that it wasn't as nice as a previous time. So when Raffaele went out on his own, I was pleased. Now I get my hair cut right by the maestro every time. I don’t have to tell him how I like it. He remembers that I prefer it shorter in the summer and so on. If I ask him to take more off, it is never a problem. Bravo Raffaele.
August L.   July 16, 2014
Raffael is the owner of a fantastic one man barbershop near Main Street in Concord, MA...It's not like the generic USA barbershop of old, where every male...