Nine Acre Wines & Spirits

Nine Acre Wines is a family run boutique beer and wine store since 1972. We specialize in smaller production hand-crafted wines, but we also sell mainstream larger brand wines for your convenience.

Need a special wine and can’t decide? Our wine experts are happy to help you select the appropriate wine to suit your needs.


Monday: hours vary, please call.

Tuesday-Saturday: 10-7

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Will Reynolds   August 17, 2021
Great and local!
Kristine Thurston   August 14, 2019
Personal and helpful advice on picking wine.
Iliana Quisumbing   April 19, 2018
Great deals on New Zealand whites. They should carry 100 proof vodka though.
Marc Quesnel   January 29, 2017
Great beer selection even though it's a small place. They even have a sale section!
Anthony Hopf   April 29, 2016
Good selection and solid service but prices on the high side. I guess that is reflective of a Concord establishment.