Wander up our outside stairs for a unique shopping experience for the home and garden. The warm, nature-themed atmosphere filled with vintage and found objects along with some new mixed in will intrigue and inspire. Expect the unexpected!

Contact Information

44 Main Street Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-4133


Maria C   December 26, 2023
A hidden gem! Located above popular Main Streets Market and Cafe, and well worth a visit if you want to buy a unique gift for yourself or loved ones. I went the day after Christmas and took advantage of the 50% sale for holiday decor. I have never seen such decorations and cards anywhere else. Beautiful glass globes and birds, holiday decor made from all sorts of materials to replicate natural elements like birds, acorns, pinecones, etc. Make sure you don't miss it on your stroll through Concord!
Meg Dennis   August 21, 2023
One of my favorite shops in Concord. A mixture of nature and gifts this boutique has some of the most unique gifts and decor. I always enjoy going to find new treasures for my collection like this resin dandelion
Daphna Raz   July 18, 2023
The cutest hidden gem right in Concord center! The second you walk into this store you feel relaxed. It smells so good, and has such a soft atmosphere. And of course you'll want to take everything home with you. They have soaps, books, journals, greeting cards, clothing, jewelry, crystals, art, found items (like feathers, shells, bones, drift wood), and so much more.
Fabulous Finds   June 29, 2023
This is a store of treasures. You could name some of the items that are sold here but it would not fully give you the experience. You never know what is around the corner or in another alcove of the store. Up outside stairs the owner curates a great mix of unusual items as well as useful, clothes and wonderful gifts. Good quality and a good experience.
Kaitlin Brainerd   May 27, 2023
Nesting is a magical place full of treasures your imagination was seeking to find. The place is run by a lovely woman, Wendy, who goes around personal 5o find things whimsical and thoughtful. When I say this place has everything, I do mean everything and the in-between. Tucked around the corners is a stationary supplies, wax seals, cat toys, fine jewelry and fragrances. You owe it to yourself to come on in.
Derek Rodenbeck   May 15, 2023
You MUST to visit Nesting, and these are the reasons why: 1. Located up a wood staircase the entrance is a gateway that moves you into a whimsical world of artisan treasures. There is something for everyone in here, seriously— I’m not kidding. 2. The inventory of items range from jewelry, to hand made books, clothing, to soap. The way the store is designed makes you want to explore every space and I feel like I find something new every time I go in to look around. 3. This is a wonderful place to find gifts for people that they will actually want. 4. The staff are friendly and helpful. Best of all they give you space to explore. I think exploring Nesting is part of the charm. 5. Something about getting something from the store feels special. Maybe it’s the items, or you have to find the place, it’s fun and I believe it’s one of the best stores in Concord. Highly recommend checking this place out, check out my photos to get an idea of the space, or skip that and let yourself be surprised.
Mikayla T   April 22, 2023
This place is like walking into a magical woodland fairy forest. It feels like a treasure hunt every time I go in. The longer you look, the more interesting things you begin to see. Looking at walls from across the room, you'll notice new things that you didn't see when you were up close. This place is like a little fantasy world, and I love to visit! Perfect for random gift shopping, treating yourself, or just to visit and appreciate the decor like a museum. Super fun to look around.
J Pietro   December 9, 2022
My home is filled with little treasures from Nesting. It’s truly a local gem of a business.
MegsOnMain Street   November 8, 2022
Lovely little shop! So much to see & explore- the displays + items transport you into another world. Enjoyed shopping here in the past & left with some gorgeous linen pants, journal, essential oil roller, glass enclosed matches, stones, etc. Today the lady running the shop was a bit rude & we ended up leaving without making a purchase. I believe the owner was who was here when we last stopped in & had such a great experience. Would give 5 stars if not for the lack of consistency in the sales staff.
Emerson Manion   October 29, 2022
Cute store for some great gifts! I recommend!
Jeff B.   October 20, 2022
A magical shop, so artfully and beautifully done. The visitors to Concord must see the history snd autumn leaves. And they must come here.
Cassie DeMay   October 11, 2022
I don’t leave reviews often, but I visited this shop today while road-tripping and it was so charming that I wanted to leave a positive review. The decor is phenomenal and the selection of goods is unique and well organized, so much positive energy in there!
C. Baechler   August 23, 2022
Very nice store. Great selection of items.
Carla R.   February 6, 2022
Christmas at Nesting 2021 The staircase and landing were filled with winter greens. Walking through Nesting is like being on a mini-vacation and is a feast...
Mike Wipper   December 29, 2021
Amazing shop! Such great gifts and everyday things, and the most beautiful interior I’ve ever seen!
elizabeth swenson   October 10, 2021
Wendi and her shop are quite an experience. I love her displays and unusual decor. She is quite an endearing person. I cannot wait to return
Lee S.   July 23, 2021
Nesting is such an adorable store. Unique items from soap, towels, candles and tea towels to clothes, old fashion traffic lights and Taxidermy. What a fun...
Maureen Meyer   June 22, 2021
A favorite gift shop with wonderful little treasures. Be aware it is in the second floor so you must be able to climb stairs.
Bex X.   December 4, 2020
Really cute local shop. Based on their website, I thought their selection would be pretty limited but the store is packed with goodies. Given it's the...
Amy Thorpe   July 18, 2020
From the moment you walk in, it's clear how much work goes into making Nesting the beautiful and unique shop it is. And the owner, Wendi, is lovely — so helpful and kind!
Karen Riseman   November 1, 2019
I used to live in MA and would frequent Concord. Sadly, I never knew this little gem existed. My sisters and I spent almost an hour shopping this unusual treasure. Now living in Hilton Head SC I called Nesting and had them ship me something I had my eye on in the shop. The delivery was prompt but what surprised me was the adorable packaging and card with a hand written thank you. that came with my purchase. Wish they had a satellite store here on Hilton Head. Can't wait to visit again next year.
Susannah B.   July 23, 2019
Whenever I need a brain massage, I go to Nesting. One of my favorites. Love to look, love to touch, love to think about all of the items. Really nicely...
Julie Hagan   December 28, 2018
One of my favorites! You can always something unique. Out of town family and friends always want to go back each visit.
Jena Schlosser   December 9, 2018
I absolutely am in LOVE with this beautiful shop! I visited my first time visiting Concord last week and I'm so happy my fiancé's mother brought me here :) I was able to get some cute trinkets and wish I didn't have to travel on a plane otherwise I would have gathered all of my Christmas gifts here. The decor is outstanding and the staff was so kind :) I cannot wait to go back my next time of the east coast!
Amy Y.   May 16, 2018
What a fabulous "little" shop-though not so little once you wander around-there are 3 small rooms off the larger main room. Plan a week or so if you wish to...
Karen Mcnally   May 1, 2018
this a great shop for inspiration. I tend to be more of a minimalist but the displays are beautiful for those liking a lot of "stuff". I stopped in for a last minute gift but ended up purchasing something at another shop in downtown concord.
K Z.   December 6, 2016
I cannot give enough stars to this magical shop nested so appropriately into the loft space. Wendy's shop has more personality and spirit than any shop...