Miss Helena Dance Arte

Miss Helena offers creative movement classes, birthday parties, and summer camps.  She has been dancing all her life and started teaching creative dance 15 years ago.

Miss Helena’s yearly Nutcracker performance is a family favorite. It is a four week class and the children perform this holiday classic for their family and friends.

Contact Information

51 Walden St. Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-4486


Tom Hanlon   February 1, 2024
Good sound. But the floor is flat. So lines of sight are not so good. Parking can be sketchy in Concord center. Scope out Lot locations before hand.
Nicole Smith   November 9, 2022
This is a great local theater spot. The shows I have seen here have all been very well done and a lot of fun! The chairs are plastic and can get a little uncomfortable, but if I remembered to bring a pillow or seating pad that would fix that. There is a restroom and drinking fountain in the basement (and a handicap accessible bathroom on the main level) and some fun artwork on the walls down there that is worth checking out. They have old advertisements for previous productions and this last time I saw a church made from a musical score, pretty cool!
Samantha deManbey   August 1, 2021
Great venue for theater, music, and other performing arts. Very large performance space that can be easily adjusted for small or large audiences. Platforms available to level the seating. Seemed like they had a decent lighting system for small and large productions. Also refreshment stand available and plenty of seating inside. Bathrooms seem fairly new.
Doug Jacobs   March 9, 2020
Double sided performing Arts Center with ~250 seats, with an orchestra setting on one end and stage for plays at the other. Acoustics are overly dry and lighting is not great.
Adventures in Delaneyland   August 3, 2019
I went to see A Winter's Tale. It was wonderful, the acting was amazing. I will be going again.
Joshua Rosen   June 9, 2019
2018. Saw Gounod's Faust. It was a terrifically staged and well performed production considering that this is just a community opera company. The space is not particularly attractive and the sound required amplification which means that the acoustics of the building aren't very good. However they did a great job of compensating for the lack of naturally good acoustics. 2019. Saw Opera51's production of Carmen here. Once again it was terrific. Last year my understanding was that Opera51 was amatuer but that doesn't seem to be the case this year, the leads were professionals.
Matthew Stieglitz   May 21, 2018
Very good local concert.two soloist were fabulous.look forward to next event