Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House

Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House is famous for where she wrote her beloved classic Little Women. Her father, Amos Bronson Alcott,  bought the Orchard House in 1857. He bought 12 acres of land and this manor house for $945. The grounds also contained an orchard of 40 apple trees, something Amos loved because he believed apples to be the perfect food. Thus, he named his home “Orchard House”.

Today, guided tours introduce visitors to these family members. Fortunately, there hasn’t been any major structural changes to the property. Ongoing preservation efforts have adhered to the highest standards of authenticity. 80% of the furnishings on display were owned by the Alcott’s.

The Orchard House hosts many educational events and tours for schools and individuals. Take a look at their website and find out everything they have to offer.

Contact Information

399 Lexington Rd. Concord, MA 01742


Phone: 978-369-4118


RobertaHun   January 27, 2021
Great! I went to two conferences there some years ago. The staff was helpful and enthusiastic. And I liked the atmosphere, as well.
haley flk   January 11, 2021
Unfortunately it was not open the day we passed by, but even just a walk around the outaide was lovely. A beautiful piece of literary history!
New Englander   January 3, 2021
Louisa lived here
Lasa Cana   December 14, 2020
Wishing they were open, but still enjoyed stopping by.
Lily_gachalife Sophia   December 1, 2020
My husband and I visited orchard house in October 2013. He visited it as a favor to me because I love Little women. We both enjoyed our self thoroughly. In fact, it was one of my husband’s favorite stops on our trip to Massachusetts. We loved seeing the house, Amy’s artwork, and Beth’s piano. My husband really enjoyed seeing Amy’s artwork and the drawings that are still on the wall that she made. If I ever make it back to Massachusetts, we will visit the orchard house again.
Jenna McCloud   October 23, 2020
We went in Oct when you couldn't go in so it was a brief stop, but loved the feel of the house. The garden was interesting and just loved walking around the house.
Arianna Benassi   October 19, 2020
When I moved in this area I was lucky enough to visit the place before the pandemic. The museum is amazing. People giving tour are very knowledgeable and nice. Tiny interesting gift shop too. The house is really well preserved, inside as well as outside. It's one of my favorite place in Boston area. It's magical and it brings me peace. The whole area is very fascinating and elegant. Beautiful with the snow, during spring time as well as summer and Fall.
Deb Miles   September 29, 2020
One of my favorite places to visit. I love the "Little Women" garden and the schoolhouse.
Matthias von Davier   September 14, 2020
Worth visiting
Alexander Parson   September 6, 2020
Nice historical house
Rebecca H.   May 7, 2020
This gem of a house is incredible. The fact that 80% of the house (including items inside) are authentic, makes it so much more special. I was in awe from...
Eric Vasallo   April 10, 2020
Just saw the movie and fell in love with Louisa May Alcott and her family. The school house behind the main house was where the father had his school. They introduced the first black student to a white classroom in America here. The father was also involved with creating a utopia experiment called Fruitlands Utopia. It failed soon after because they would only be allowed to eat what grew from the trees.
Caroline Karimi   March 24, 2020
The staff was considerate, happy and knowledgeable. Though I had a positive experience with the entire staff, Deborah and Beth enhanced my experience tremendously with either their welcoming, answers to questions and interest. They has smiles and spoke well. The Orchard House is worth visiting because Louisa was not an ordinary person and lead her life in a way that was far different from the status quo of her era. The tours teaches you about her uniqueness and life as well as her family. Bank of America card holders have free admission on the weekends at the beginning of each month except December as of 2020. However, try to support them with a donation or a small purchase at the bookstore to maintain their business if you can afford it in order to maintain this historical site.
Sara M   March 8, 2020
Highly recommend! Wonderful guided tour through this lovely house. You can practically feel the energy and love of this tight knit family that once inhabited it. The guide herself was amazing! Can't leave Concord without visiting this gem.
Isaac Yang   March 7, 2020
Logistically, definitely plan ahead as it took us roughly 20 minutes between arriving and waiting for our tour to begin, with the tour itself lasting 45 minutes or so. Parking nearby was hard to find on a weekend so we opted to park further away and walk 10~15 minutes instead of idling around waiting for spots to open up. In total, we spent around 1.5~2 hours here (including parking, walking, and waiting for the tour). Fantastic, informative tour where all the guides are friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The efforts by the group to keep the house as period-accurate as possible is greatly appreciated and well worth the entry fee. Charming (and crowded) house with many groups going through at the same time, but that is to be expected given the popularity of the movie.
Sakuraya Kai   March 2, 2020
Such a beautiful place and wonderful history. We did the tour, and it was very informative. Thank you for preserving such a wonderful place! Will come back again!
Sandesh Joshi   February 18, 2020
A beautiful house that carries so much history. Everything is preserved so well that you feel like the Alcotts are still living there. The guided tour is great and everyone working there are very courteous and knowledgeable. If you are in the area and are interested in Louisa May Alcott or just American history, definitely give this a visit. Keep around 60 to 90 minutes to soak it all in.
Christiano Demacedo   February 16, 2020
Loved the tour, wish I could have taken pictures inside the house. Many old house museums allow non flash photography. Nonetheless, totally worthwhile and educational.
Tiffany Blackwell   December 22, 2019
An absolutely wonderful place to stop in right outside of Boston. We loved it. They offer a tour which includes a brief video of the families history and the house is Fantastic! Felt like I stepped right into the book!
Kayle D.   November 11, 2019
This place is truly magical! My sister and I came here per her suggestion when I came to visit her. I'm so glad we went! Everything about this museum is...
David W.   August 31, 2019
This was a great, memorable tour that shouldn't be missed if you are in to learning about history and the lives of literary heavyweights. My wife is very...