Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House

Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House is famous for where she wrote her beloved classic Little Women. Her father, Amos Bronson Alcott,  bought the Orchard House in 1857. He bought 12 acres of land and this manor house for $945. The grounds also contained an orchard of 40 apple trees, something Amos loved because he believed apples to be the perfect food. Thus, he named his home “Orchard House”.

Today, guided tours introduce visitors to these family members. Fortunately, there hasn’t been any major structural changes to the property. Ongoing preservation efforts have adhered to the highest standards of authenticity. 80% of the furnishings on display were owned by the Alcott’s.

The Orchard House hosts many educational events and tours for schools and individuals. Take a look at their website and find out everything they have to offer.

Contact Information

399 Lexington Rd. Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-4118


Lorraine “Lori” Haskins   May 4, 2024
A really good tour, excellent value for the ticket price. A short film to begin which I really enjoyed to set the scene then a tour of the house with a very knowledgeable guide called Melissa. The tour didn’t feel rushed even though it was a busy Saturday and plenty of time was given to enjoy viewing the exhibits. I loved looking out of the same windows that Louisa did and loved Mays artwork around the house. The gift shop had a good selection of books and gifts reasonably priced. I travelled from England so quite a journey but worth every minute.
Lisa Stephenson   May 4, 2024
If you are visiting Concord to truly appreciate American history, then you absolutely must go to the Louisa May Alcott House. You can take the tour or simply enjoy the great gift shop. The staff was so friendly and full of information about the whole area. This is one of my daughters favorite places.
Kathleen Mauck   January 15, 2024
This was the center of our trip. Everything else was planned around seeing this. Such a great tour and experience. All the ladies were so friendly and knowledgeable. Our guide, was exceptional. I wish I could remember all their names! It was for my daughter’s birthday. It was wonderful. The rest of Concord was gorgeous and full of more history. Definitely recommend!
Alison Frazee   January 8, 2024
My husband and I took our 7 year old daughter and had a great time! The tour was quick but we liked being able to look around and the guide answered all of our questions at the end. This site is so authentic and has mostly antiques from the Alcott family so it feels like you've been invited to visit their home instead of a house museum.
Doni F.   November 27, 2023
We went to Concord, Massachusetts to your Louisa May Alcott's home and museum known as Orchard House and enjoyed the tour. Concord itself is full of...
Tiffany Earnest   November 26, 2023
This is a lovely place to visit, especially for any fan of Little Women or Louisa May Alcott's other books. There is a small but quaint gift shop where tour tickets are purchased and tours start at the school building (looks like a barn) that sits beside the house. No photos allowed in the house, but postcards are available to purchase of most rooms. Highly recommend.
Jodi Chase   October 30, 2023
Living my dreams...walking where literary giants walked, peering out the same window as my hero did when she wrote many amazing tales. The guides were so knowledgeable and detail oriented, teaching me facts about the family I never knew. It was everything I dreamed it would be....this is a MUST do if you are in town!❤️
Jennifer D.   October 21, 2023
If you enjoy anything about Little Women, you owe it to yourself to go! Well done tour for a small space. There is an intro movie that helps you know more...
Fran Keal   October 12, 2023
it’s been a dream of mine to visit Louisa May Alcott‘s home in Concord, Massachusetts. Our recent trip gave us a few hours to make this dream possible. We purchased the tickets online. We were told that the tour would take approximately 45 minutes. We were able to walk the grounds before the official tour began. we found the organization of the tour itself to be rather disorganized and confusing. Much of the time was spent in the schoolhouse space watching a video which was in essence a video tour of the house and background information about Louisa herself. It was fine, but that is not exactly what I was expecting as a tour. We had a group of approximately 25 which was split up into two sub groups. Again, this was done in a fairly unorganized fashion. We went through the house with a tour guide who was competent, but did not necessarily inspire. Visitors are not allowed to take photographs inside the home which is completely understandable. It was exciting to see many of the Alcott’s family artifacts, because 80% of what is inside the house was there when she lived in it. The most moving article was the crescent shaped desk, where Louisa wrote her Little Women book. There is a small gift/bookstore at the end of the tour. The tour was definitely worth it, but I feel that it could have been much better organized. The signage was not clear, nor was the information on where to go when we arrived for the tour, leading to lots of confusion and mixing of groups, etc. If I were the manager, I would spend a few moments trying to find ways to organize visitors so it does not seem so Lackadaisical.
Luiza (Little Women Atelier)   October 5, 2023
Without exaggeration, it was the best museum experience of my life!
A - Once   October 5, 2023
The tour was wonderful and the little video they showed at the beginning was very cute and informative, reminded me of those educational videos they would show us in the 90s for history class haha. If you are a fan of Little Women (book and/or movies), this place is a must visit.
CarlyJay Langford   September 19, 2023
My husband and I were able to visit Orchard House for the first time today and it was so incredibly wonderful and special. From the moment we arrived we were greeted by such a sweet staff member who gave us instructions, got us checked in for our tour and kicked off our time there up at the school with a short video and gave us some great information the schoolhouse and Bronson Alcott. There was an area to sign a guestbook as we arrived as well and it just made it feel a little more special. (I saw several other reviews with complaints about the little video in the beginning but I thought it was cute and reminded me of historical/educational videos I watched in grade school.) Our main tour guide that showed us through the home was an absolute treasure and the highlight of our time here. She was so passionate and loving in the way she spoke about the Alcott’s. As if she were an old friend of theirs. She even spent time at the end of the tour speaking with me, sharing her feelings on Alcott’s work, Little Women, the movie adaptations, etc. and asking my opinions and feelings. It solidified all of my feelings in the importance of Little Women—sisterhood, womanhood, connection. I already felt overwhelmed with emotion moving from room to room in the home of someone who created work that has felt important to me through most stages in my life, but to have someone who expressed such thorough care throughout the tour really tied it all together for me. Everyone there continually thanked all of us for coming, expressed how happy they were to have tours and interest in the home. But I must thank you all for such a beautiful, wonderful experience. It was such a gift. I recommend it to anyone, especially fans of Louisa’s.
Nancy L.   August 24, 2023
We very much enjoyed our visit to the Alcott House. The docent was well informed and conveyed the most relevant information in a meaningful and interesting...
Dan Hegsted   August 18, 2023
A place of great history. Concord is such a place of history and art. The tour started with a 15 minute video performed by a woman who has often portrayed Louisa and she was outstanding. Out tour guide was more than exceptional. Her love for “Little Women” was infectious. So much that I may break down and read it. I love the interaction here of history, culture, progressive thought and the arts. Louisa’s story should inspire everyone. Thank you to all involved who made our experience memorable.
Stefanie Ellis   July 23, 2023
I don't know how to relay it all. Five stars doesn't do it justice. Granted, Little Women is my favorite book of all time, so I'm a bit biased. Absolutely beautiful, perfection. So well preserved, the amount of original items owned by the family and the state they're in is mind-blowing. To see it all in person created so many connections and realizations, absolutely priceless. Our tour guide, Nancy, was as sweet as could be. She made an effort to engage my somewhat bored 13 year old son. I could tell she was there because she loves it, it wasn't a "job", a true fan recognizes another. I wanted to buy everything in the entire gift shop. Fortunately, it was surprisingly affordable so I was able to get quite a few precious mementos. 100% recommend whether you're a fan or neutral and know nothing of Louisa May Alcott. If you haven't read the book, it'll make you want to. My only wish or request would longer/private tours. I absolutely understand the time constraints and I think it's probably plenty for many, but I wish I could have had more time in each room to soak it all in. But I'm still so grateful, and I gained so much. Also highly recommend Sleepy Hollow Cemetery after, where you can visit the graves of the entire family!
Bethany Herrod   July 15, 2023
So many things about this visit were wonderful. My husband and I learned so many interesting things from our very knowledgeable tour guide and thoroughly enjoyed the many original pieces in the home as well as how many of the original features of the home were preserved or beautifully restored. The tour started with a video on the school house and then continues one through the house. The gift shop if full of a variety of nice things if you’re looking for that. There were a few things that I believe would improve the experience. Our tour guide was pretty uptight. There were rules about the tour (don’t touch ANYTHING in the house and also NO PHOTOS) which should have been communicated before entering the first room (a poor woman on our tour got snapped at in the first room). We were moved from room to room very quickly (our tour guide said it was because of Covid restrictions) but it meant that we did not always have time to actually look at anything or read all of the information plaques in the room. As we couldn’t take any photos, this prevented our having a full experience of the house. I wonder if having a guide stationed in each room to give a talk about the room and also watch over the items would be a better setup than having a guide. That way people could move through at their own pace. Thanks so much.
Cakes Inperry   June 21, 2023
Is it the Orchard House, or was it "Mission Control" for the American Literature community in the second half of the 19th century? Boy, does this house have stories to tell. Although, a work of fiction, "Little Women" tells the Alcott family story in a very real way (with a few changes). This house is so well preserved and has so many artifacts from the family that it really stands out among historical sights. The staff here is so kind and knowledgeable and they make the experience even better. There is a really cute gift shop, and the Concord School of Philosophy (barn) building are quite wonderful. Read the book, see the film, and visit the site!
Kimberly R.   June 19, 2023
I love it here and have been many times - I'm a member so I can come as often as I'd like. It's just amazing to be in a place so full of incredible history....
Chris Clapp   June 12, 2023
A very informative and engaging experience. The staff are very friendly, inviting and extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter. Very willing to take extra time and answer questions. Lots of fun. Our guide Megan was fantastic. Great gift shop as well. The town center is a great stop nearby where you can find the cemetery with Author's Ridge. Beautiful busy little town.
Laura Gobron   June 10, 2023
We came to visit the Minute Man National Historic Park and found this along the way to the North Bridge Visitor Center. This house is preserved so well from when the Alcott's occupied it. Almost all of the furniture is original. It made me want to read Little Women again! The tour guide was very knowledgeable. The little gift shop was cute.
Derek I.   May 31, 2023
We love touring historic homes. If you do, this is an excellent place. Beautiful furniture owned by the family. Touching personal artifacts which add depth....
Deb D.   May 27, 2023
My spiritual pilgrimage to Orchard House was everything I wanted! As it was early spring, I was able to walk-in and get a spot on the next tour. I was...
Janet S.   May 26, 2023
Wow, am I glad we went here. I took my son to see the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA and he didn't like that guided tour so I wasn't sure this...
Natalie D   May 18, 2023
What a wonderful visit! Your tour starts in the old schoolroom with a video. It covers a little history and a neat tour of the house from Louisa's perspective. It's great for those who don't know a huge amount about Little Women as it gives you a starting point and also shows some highlights in the rooms you could miss. The tour was fantastic- our guide was so passionate and full of little side facts which really brought the history and story to life! There's a great shop too!
Sarah J   April 27, 2023
Little Women has always been my favorite novel, so I was very excited to visit Orchard House. It did not disappoint. The tour started in the schoolhouse with a brief video introduction to the Alcott and March families. After, we went on a guided trip through the house. The things that struck me most were both the warmth and affection the guides have for the home, and how much of the house was full of actual furniture, artwork, and items from the Alcott family themselves. Our guide was very friendly and knowledgeable, and we had nearly full exposure to the house. The friend I went with knew nothing of Little Women but really enjoyed herself. The gift shop is charming, full of books and cute souvenirs. Tickets were $12.50, which I thought was a great value given the content of the tour.
Jason Macey   October 2, 2022
It could just be that I had an exceptional tour, but I walked away from the Orchard House with a deeper understanding and appreciation for Alcott and her family. Although Bronson may not have had "the talent for money" the Orchard house became, through Louisa's success, an assemblage that is extraordinary in its own right. Seeing one of Alcott's dresses further inspired; she was running all of the miles she ran corseted. The tour did all that one could ask for: it not only showed the creature comforts of the Alcott family, but it showed the humanity and sublimity of its principal character.
Laura Arevalo   September 20, 2022
This visit was so special! Everything inside is exactly like it was when the author lived there. Our guide was so passionate about Louisa and her family and she shared a lot of interesting stories about them and the house. Photos inside are not allowed but you can buy postcards at the store. The store has a lot of cute stuff to buy as a souvenir. I got the Little Women Cookbook and it was great. Make sure to buy the tickets online before going there. Totally recommended.
Sarah Lacasse   September 3, 2022
The video at the start of the tour felt long, but it did give you an idea of what to look for. Our guide was warm and knowledgeable. We loved to see all of the artwork and personal items. It is really geared towards fans of Little Women, but the whole family is so interesting, it's worthwhile even if you are not a fan.
Michael H.   September 3, 2022
My daughter's favorite author so she was in heaven. The guides were so passionate, knowledgeable, and nice, plus they accommodated us on a tour despite it...
Em Avendano   July 24, 2022
As a die hard Little Women fan, it was so special to visit Alcott’s home with no one other than my first intro to her books, my mom. This place is just lovely. Every single staff was incredibly kind and helpful. Our tour guide, I believe their name was Hannah, was so so patient, beautifully passionate about the subject, and didn’t hesitate to answer questions. I love how the tour incorporates everything from Alcott’s history to the 2019 film adaptation. The exterior is also very picturesque and the gift shop is honestly worth the stop. A gift shop employee even helped my family and I with directions and locating the free Concord shuttle! This place met my expectations and transcended them. It’s also just a short, maybe fifteen minute walk to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, where Alcott is buried. Oh and PS: if you’re taking public transit from Boston, just catch the train into Concord, saves a lot of confusion :)
Will K   July 24, 2022
Great place to check out. I never read the book but after going on this tour, I want to read the book. There is so much history in this house. The tour started off with a short video which I thought the tour guides could share the same information. The tour felt a bit fast paced, I could not really take it all in. The people leaving a 1 star review because of the mask requirement need to grow up.
G O.   July 19, 2022
Visiting Louisa May Alcott's home is a must if you're a history buff and visiting Massachusetts. The drive from Boston is a nice one and there are other...
Andrew Sternke   July 15, 2022
This was an enjoyable experience. Our tour guide provided great history and context of life for Louisa May Alcott! Her connection, and her family connection to historical events was unknown to me and I was impressed by so much of this tour!
Orit B.   July 10, 2022
Loved the tour! We went because my daughter is a big fan of Alcott but I was surprised to enjoy the tour as much as I did! Tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and the items in the house were very interesting. Loved it!
Tanya Hoarn   July 3, 2022
We visited this amazing place as part of our research of my husband's ancestors. In the mid 1660s John Hoar owned this property and built the house that was eventually renovated by the Alcott family. He was a bit of a hero for his time. It was very interesting coming to the property with a different set of history and learning all about what the Alcott family did with the buildings after 1850. The tour was very informative. Having the house filled with their actual belongings made it all that much more interesting.
Marshall Horwitz   July 3, 2022
Great museum. The introductory video really sets the stage. We had a great guide. All in all, it takes 45 minutes. We were walk-ins, but we were accommodated. I would recommend reservations. It was busier than I expected.
Erin Kahn   June 23, 2022
I’ve been to Orchard House three times now (I’m a fan, OK?) and every time I’m amazed. The rooms are all set up as they would have been during the family’s lifetime with much of the original artwork, furnishings, and items (Louisa’s/Jo’s Roderigo costume, Beth’s piano and doll, May’s/Amy’s paintings, Anna’s/Meg’s wedding dress, to name a few). The tour guides are very knowledgeable and it’s always a unique, moving experience. If you’re a fan of Little Women or the Alcotts, you can’t afford not to go.
Nicole M.   June 18, 2022
I just returned from a lovely tour at the Orchard House. I highly recommend seeking a tour from a young woman named Jennie. She was very knowledgeable and...
Tassey Russo   June 17, 2022
This house/museum is small but unexpectedly a wonderful experience. The tour begins with a fairly long video [maybe 15 minutes] in which an actress portrays Louisa May Alcott and tells us about her relationship with her sisters and some neat information about the house. The tour guide was excellent. She answered any and all questions, and clearly loves the house and the Alcott. She knew so many facts and anecdotes, and stayed speaking with a few of us after the tour was over. The best part of this visit was that almost all items in the house are original to the Alcotts, i.e. things actually used by them. Total tour time, if one doesn't stay to ask questions, is about an hour. No gardens to walk through. No photography inside the house. Small number of spaces directly in front of house. Nathaniel Hawthorne is right house next door.
Gentley Bondeson   June 15, 2022
I adored our tour guide, Thatcher! He was so passionate and knowledgeable about the house and the Alcott's. My only wish is that instead of watching a movie about the Alcott's and the house for 20 mins we instead were told history and fun fact from the guides as we walked around the house. Wish it was more interactive
Aly K.   May 15, 2022
I absolutely loved this tour. As an author, it was a dream to walk around Louisa May Alcott's home. I loved the book Little Women, and Ms. Alcott's family...
Michael F.   March 29, 2022
My wife made this a must see tour while we were in the Concord and Lexington area. We visited on a Sunday morning. I had no idea this woman was an author...
Srabonti Bandyopadhyay   January 25, 2022
Certainly worth a visit if you love literature. It was inspiring to learn of their history and see the very rooms and things the family used, their principles and thought processes. The marvelously tiny desk on which she wrote her masterpieces. The only negative thing was the actual Tour Guide herself. She seemed a bit short tempered and did not like us to look at rooms at our own pace or even walk across to another part of the room. Like someone mentioned she treated is like 5 year Olds. Also when we asked for an extra activity set since we had 2 children we were told only one activity set could be given...
Kelsey M.   December 21, 2021
I've been planning a trip here with my cousin for like two years and couldn't go for a long time because of COVID. I'm so glad we were finally able to go...
Jody Bucci   November 9, 2021
Delightful visit to the original house where Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women. They show a short film clip and then take you on a tour of the house which contains most of the original interior, including the actual desk Louisa May Alcott used to write her famous novel. She and her family were way ahead of their time. They were friends of some of the literary giants of our time - Thoreau, Emerson and Hawthorne. It was fascinating to imagine the lively activity that once filled the house. The entire tour including the film is approximately 45 minutes. Worth a visit.
Bonnie Mallory   November 7, 2021
Definitely worth seeing, a wonderful tour with some of the original furnishings. Do you know she earned more than Mark Twain and his writings? Purchased some tea from Orchard House. Haven't tried it yet, but supporting the home as it's a part of history we do not want to lose. She was a wonderful person.
Camilla S   October 30, 2021
I love Alcott. The tour was a bit too fast, but I think it was a busy day for them. How wonderful to be able to see May (Amy)'s drawings and the other amazing artifacts of Louisa's life!
Erin L.   October 28, 2021
Absolutely beautiful and completely doesn't get enough credit for the amount of work it takes to preserve that house. It's definitely worth the $10 ticket...
Cheryl Comparativo   October 23, 2021
We really enjoyed our time visiting Louisa May Alcott's home, especially seeing the place where she wrote Little Women! The only downside is that a video is shown in the Hillside Chapel before the house tour, and that video pretty much takes you through the house. So then the tour information felt a little bit redundant... It would be cool for there to be a greater distinction of content between the video and the tour itself because I imagine there are many interesting stories that are left untold.
Linda Landry   October 20, 2021
I simply LOVED this tour!!! I got teary eyed several times. You won't regret walking through the rooms where the Alcott girls played, wrote and sketched! I'm so glad I was able to see this amazing home and all the history that goes with it.
Jackie Barr   October 16, 2021
Beautifully well-kept historical site. Kind docents. Adorable gift shop. So much history. Absolutely worth a visit!
Junwoo Lim   October 12, 2021
A small but interesting place to spend 2-3 hrs to learn about Alcott family and the book 'Little Women'. Well preserved house inside & enjoyable walking tour. The introduction film at the beginning of tour was informative but somewhat odd. The outside garden/yard seems to need a bit of more touch-ups (i.e. benches, signs/explanations, etc.)
Katie N.   October 11, 2021
This was the place I was most looking forward to seeing and it didn't disappoint, well at least to a lover of history and especially Little Women. The...
Mark Thompson   October 9, 2021
Well maintained slice of literary history. The staff is very knowledgeable. If you're a fan of Louisa May Alcott, this place is for you.
Joe Jaworski   October 1, 2021
We were running 45 minutes late after having a cruise that took longer than anticipated. Dianne was our tour guide and allowed us to join her next tour. We had a wonderful experience! What an interesting and positive family the Alcott family is!
Shannon Johnson   September 25, 2021
This tour was so informative, but presented in an interesting way. We had our kids with us, and they were even enjoying the tour! The staff were so friendly and professional and knowledgeable. Will be back again!!
Heather Steinmiller   September 15, 2021
I've loved "Little Women" since I read it as a twelve year old and I was thrilled to think I'd be able to see this place. Unfortunately, it was closed due to Covid, so I only walked around the grounds and peeked into the windows. It's a very pretty house, and seeing where Alcott did her writing filled a part of my pre-teen, romantically inclined soul. I desperately want to go back to actually see the inside at some point before I leave this plane.
Linda Erwin   August 30, 2021
Enjoyed a delightful and very informative tour with my Grandkids...(13 yr old Luke & 16 yr old Katie)...we had been looking at very old photos of their Dad, their Uncle & cousins visit there MANY yrs ago, and decided to "go visit"). We all enjoyed it very much. (Just saw it mentioned on Boston's Chronicle program too!)
Adrienne Hillard   August 26, 2021
Went on a tour. The guide was incredibly knowledgeable, the house was amazing if you're a fan of little women you won't be disappointed. I did the the video at the beginning was a little redundant, but overall it was great.
Kevin Bradley   August 23, 2021
An extraordinary and transporting experience. Being able to walk through that much history, you really felt it; we went for a high school assignment my daughter had, but I found myself reflecting on all the foundational thinkers that gathered in that house and molded her into the woman she was... Really cool!
Jonathan Howley   July 31, 2021
Emerson's house is just down the road. The area looks so peaceful and full of life. Worth the pilgrimage.
daniel o   July 26, 2021
I wasn't able to tour the inside of the house but the grounds were lovely. Everything was beautifully kept. Definitely worth the trip!
Julie Murphy   June 16, 2021
Absolutely beautiful setting! Will look forward to touring the house when its open again.
Abi Maghamfar   May 26, 2021
Unfortunately due to Covid-19 the Orchard House was not open to tour in late May 2021 but we got a glimpse of what's inside through windows. Hope to be able to return for a tour at some point in the future!
RobertaHun   January 27, 2021
Great! I went to two conferences there some years ago. The staff was helpful and enthusiastic. And I liked the atmosphere, as well.
haley flk   January 11, 2021
Unfortunately it was not open the day we passed by, but even just a walk around the outaide was lovely. A beautiful piece of literary history!
New Englander   January 3, 2021
Louisa lived here
Lasa Cana   December 14, 2020
Wishing they were open, but still enjoyed stopping by.
Lily_gachalife Sophia   December 1, 2020
My husband and I visited orchard house in October 2013. He visited it as a favor to me because I love Little women. We both enjoyed our self thoroughly. In fact, it was one of my husband’s favorite stops on our trip to Massachusetts. We loved seeing the house, Amy’s artwork, and Beth’s piano. My husband really enjoyed seeing Amy’s artwork and the drawings that are still on the wall that she made. If I ever make it back to Massachusetts, we will visit the orchard house again.
XxkristiXx   December 1, 2020
My husband and I visited orchard house in October 2013. He visited it as a favor to me because I love Little women. We both enjoyed our self thoroughly. In fact, it was one of my husband’s favorite stops on our trip to Massachusetts. We loved seeing the house, Amy’s artwork, and Beth’s piano. My husband really enjoyed seeing Amy’s artwork and the drawings that are still on the wall that she made. If I ever make it back to Massachusetts, we will visit the orchard house again.
Jenna McCloud   October 23, 2020
We went in Oct when you couldn't go in so it was a brief stop, but loved the feel of the house. The garden was interesting and just loved walking around the house.
Arianna Benassi   October 19, 2020
When I moved in this area I was lucky enough to visit the place before the pandemic. The museum is amazing. People giving tour are very knowledgeable and nice. Tiny interesting gift shop too. The house is really well preserved, inside as well as outside. It's one of my favorite place in Boston area. It's magical and it brings me peace. The whole area is very fascinating and elegant. Beautiful with the snow, during spring time as well as summer and Fall.
Deb Miles   September 29, 2020
One of my favorite places to visit. I love the "Little Women" garden and the schoolhouse.
Matthias von Davier   September 14, 2020
Worth visiting
Alexander Parson   September 6, 2020
Nice historical house
Rebecca H.   May 7, 2020
This gem of a house is incredible. The fact that 80% of the house (including items inside) are authentic, makes it so much more special. I was in awe from...
Eric Vasallo   April 10, 2020
Just saw the movie and fell in love with Louisa May Alcott and her family. The school house behind the main house was where the father had his school. They introduced the first black student to a white classroom in America here. The father was also involved with creating a utopia experiment called Fruitlands Utopia. It failed soon after because they would only be allowed to eat what grew from the trees.
Caroline Karimi   March 24, 2020
The staff was considerate, happy and knowledgeable. Though I had a positive experience with the entire staff, Deborah and Beth enhanced my experience tremendously with either their welcoming, answers to questions and interest. They has smiles and spoke well. The Orchard House is worth visiting because Louisa was not an ordinary person and lead her life in a way that was far different from the status quo of her era. The tours teaches you about her uniqueness and life as well as her family. Bank of America card holders have free admission on the weekends at the beginning of each month except December as of 2020. However, try to support them with a donation or a small purchase at the bookstore to maintain their business if you can afford it in order to maintain this historical site.
Sara M   March 8, 2020
Highly recommend! Wonderful guided tour through this lovely house. You can practically feel the energy and love of this tight knit family that once inhabited it. The guide herself was amazing! Can't leave Concord without visiting this gem.
Isaac Yang   March 7, 2020
Logistically, definitely plan ahead as it took us roughly 20 minutes between arriving and waiting for our tour to begin, with the tour itself lasting 45 minutes or so. Parking nearby was hard to find on a weekend so we opted to park further away and walk 10~15 minutes instead of idling around waiting for spots to open up. In total, we spent around 1.5~2 hours here (including parking, walking, and waiting for the tour). Fantastic, informative tour where all the guides are friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The efforts by the group to keep the house as period-accurate as possible is greatly appreciated and well worth the entry fee. Charming (and crowded) house with many groups going through at the same time, but that is to be expected given the popularity of the movie.
Sakuraya Kai   March 2, 2020
Such a beautiful place and wonderful history. We did the tour, and it was very informative. Thank you for preserving such a wonderful place! Will come back again!
Sandesh Joshi   February 18, 2020
A beautiful house that carries so much history. Everything is preserved so well that you feel like the Alcotts are still living there. The guided tour is great and everyone working there are very courteous and knowledgeable. If you are in the area and are interested in Louisa May Alcott or just American history, definitely give this a visit. Keep around 60 to 90 minutes to soak it all in.
Christiano Demacedo   February 16, 2020
Loved the tour, wish I could have taken pictures inside the house. Many old house museums allow non flash photography. Nonetheless, totally worthwhile and educational.
Tiffany Blackwell   December 22, 2019
An absolutely wonderful place to stop in right outside of Boston. We loved it. They offer a tour which includes a brief video of the families history and the house is Fantastic! Felt like I stepped right into the book!
Kayle D.   November 11, 2019
This place is truly magical! My sister and I came here per her suggestion when I came to visit her. I'm so glad we went! Everything about this museum is...
David W.   August 31, 2019
This was a great, memorable tour that shouldn't be missed if you are in to learning about history and the lives of literary heavyweights. My wife is very...