Gräem Nuts and Chocolates

Did you know that “Graem” derives from the phonetic spelling of gram, the unit of weight.

Here we specialize in chocolate, nuts and dried fruit. We are inspired by European nut roasters. Our food is sourced from small farms and producers all over the world. We can’t even count how many different types of almonds we carry. These nut varieties are based on their origins and climate. Want to learn more? Ask us when you stop by and try our delicious chocolate.

Contact Information

49 Main Street

Phone: 978-776-6645


Andrew Carlisle   May 11, 2024
Found Graem looking for places in Concord. To start, I love their logo and was attracted to come here because of it. Service was friendly and engaging. I honestly can not remember the names of everything I ordered, but everything tasted great. Next time I visit MA, I will have to order a lot more chocolate and try the types of nuts they offer as well. One thing that I would love to see is coffee, espresso, or chocolate type drinks. Judging by the quality here, I think they would excel at it, and it could compliment the other products they offer.
Adnan Kagalwalla   April 23, 2024
Graem is a great place to buy chocolate and nuts. The chocolate is high-quality--flavorful, not too sugary and with interesting add-ins (the nut and candied ginger was delicious). The fare is expensive, but very good.
Vi S   March 3, 2024
Beautiful store with lovely, immaculate products. The staff was very helpful, pleasant, and patient. The dried cantaloupe, which I’m enjoying right now, is like eating the interior of a giant jelly bean. It’s amazing. This place is a real gem. Great place for gifts or treating yourself.
Samantha Veldhuis   June 29, 2023
Great chocolate, fruit and nuts, and service is always knowledgeable and friendly! Love coming here for treats and gifts.
Robert Beatty   June 25, 2023
The store is absolutely lovely, and the staff are very kind. There's lot of awesome products here, but I need to talk about the ALMONDS They said the almonds are imported from Greece. I think they might be wrong and they're actually imported from heaven itself. I've never had an almond with a texture like this. It's somehow both softer and crisper than regular Cali almonds. Do yourself a favor. Buy the almonds.
Jacqueline Schillinger   February 5, 2022
Great selection of high quality chocolates and nuts. They also carry pump street chocolate which is one of my favorite brands. Try the sourdough one!
Kate Maly   January 1, 2022
Absolutely amazing store in the heart of Concord! Was looking for gifts for coworkers and was blown away by the variety of options. Everything is packaged adorably and the staff was beyond friendly and helpful. Couldn’t recommend more!
Derek Rodenbeck   September 19, 2021
A must stop in the heart of Concord. If you find yourself in town making your way through the small shops and restaurants, make sure you set a little time aside to stop into Gräem. I walked into the shop without knowing anything about it and I was pleasantly surprised! The space is inviting, the staff are warm, and the chocolate is full of flavor. In fact the staff let me know the shop was actually an old toy store before it be at the home of Gräem! I picked up À la carte selections and a few gifts for other. Ended up eating all my chocolate about 10 minutes after we left. I was never the type to save any chocolate in a box anyway. Well worth stopping in, and I highly recommend it! Don’t miss out on this gem.
Matthew Sanderson   August 29, 2021
They made the chocolate favors for our wedding in 2019 and for our baby shower three weeks ago. The chocolates were made beautifully and very delicious. All of the guests loved them and wanted extras! Definitely using Graem for all future events!
Augustus   August 8, 2021
Great place to pick up some charming candy gifts at a local shop! I really enjoyed the Turkish Delight and chocolate-covered espresso beans from this store.
Leah Klein   July 17, 2021
A wonderful chocolate and nut shop. I love the unique nut mixes, freshly roasted nuts and dried fruits.
Andreas Apostolopoulos   May 8, 2021
Every product is amazing! Love how they source from all over the world! The design of the store belongs on Madison Ave NYC
Alex Salamon   April 30, 2021
Wow!!! What an amazing experience. Full of delightful edibles and smells. Had the dark chocolate with almond bark which was amazing. Will definitely be ordering all my online gifts here. Plus prices were reasonable!
Sean Michael Walsh Connolly   January 30, 2021
Soooo freakin good! I got toffee bar and milk chocolate peanut butter bar. Excellent! Warning highly addictive!
jen mcgrath   December 3, 2020
We have loved everything we have tried! The dark chocolate peanut butter cups have become a staple at our house. The service is impeccable and glides like a well oiled machine for such a small space. The shop itself is beyond charming and each holiday the store is transformed into a wonderland of nuts and chocolate! TV worthy. We are lucky to have this gem in our town!
Sergio Massuda   November 29, 2020
Love this place there dried fruit is amazing. Especially the red plum. I would also recommend the dark chocolate dipped cherry's.
Tim Bucciarelli   November 28, 2020
Beautiful european inspired collection of fresh roasted nuts in numerous forms. Loads of dried fruit varieties as well as speciality chocolates. Perfect for a personal indulgence or for finding gifts for friends. It makes for a unique and tasty corporate gift for your WFH teams.
Michelle Nagel   October 25, 2020
The most superb selection of outstandingly delicious house made chocolates and roasted nuts, outside of Europe. Very knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff. Don’t miss this delectable gem in the heart of Concord.
wawabilly ANDERSON   September 22, 2020
There is nothing like a candy shop and this is no exception. I stopped for dark chocolate caramels and noted the width and breadth of the offering, wow. And NUTS galore. Occupying a corner on the mill dam in Concord, you can’t miss it!
Kathy Smith   August 1, 2020
The best chocolate I have ever had. The toffee chocolate bark is the best. The owner is so nice and helpful. The store is beautiful and spotless. My favorite place in town.
Poey Cat   March 27, 2020
Exceptional staff and the best almonds I've ever tasted.
Carl Tortola   November 27, 2019
Amazing helpful staff. Delicious chocolates, nuts and dried fruit made and prepared onsite.
Monica York   November 15, 2019
Love, love the store!! Great selection of the fine chocolates and nuts. I wish I lived closer as I would definitely be a regular customer. I purchased two Amargnac (sp?) chocolate cherries and they were absolutely delicious.
Ken Beckett   August 20, 2019
Excellent quality chocolates!
Joe Pato   December 31, 2018
Great selection of fine chocolates and nuts.
Diana Perry   October 19, 2018
Graem Nuts & Chocolate is such a fun experience with high-end product sourced from around the world. It's clearly European-inspired with large wooden shelves with a real push ladder for snagging product. The register station is antique and just fits the space perfectly. One thing you can also see is the actual nut roaster which is pretty neat, as the backdrop to the nuts. The owner, Nikki is super passionate, friendly and helpful. You can even purchase items for an event, wedding favors, gift baskets etc so it's a great gift spot. My favorite product is the chocolate covered raisins but she has tons of nuts, chocolates and dried fruits. Definitely check this place out, once you go once you'll certainly be back.