Emerson Hospital

Emerson is a full service medical center located in historic Concord MA. Emerson was founded in 1911 and today provides advanced medical services to more than 300,000 people in 25 towns.

Emerson is well known for its outstanding nursing care and patient-centered specialty facilities, including the Mass General Cancer Center at Emerson Hospital – Bethke, the Dr. Robert C. Cantu Concussion Center, the Clough Surgical Center and the Clough Birthing Center, home to the area’s only Special Care Level 2 Nursery for moderately ill newborns.

While Emerson provide all of the services that most patients will ever need, its strong clinical collaborations with Boston’s academic medical centers ensures that patients have streamlined access to world-class resources for more advanced care should they need it.

In addition to offering many medial services, Emerson also publishes a Health Works Magazine three times per year. This resourced features inspiring patient stories, health and wellness tips, upcoming events, updates on their services, recipes and more. The current Winter 2020 issue addresses vaping, returning to the ice rink after multiple concussions, and medicated assisted treatment for addiction recovery.

Emerson is strongly connected to the community. It recently launched a Community Benefit Awards Program. Based on a comprehensive application and review process, eighteen non-profit organizations throughout the health system’s service area were awarded up to $5,000 each to expand their programs that serve the physical and mental health needs of the community. The organizations were chosen based on Emerson’s most recent Community Health Needs Assessment and address at least one of the following populations or health issues: At-risk adolescents, older adults, cancer prevention and care, mental health or domestic violence.

Four Concord organizations received these awards.

  1. Center for Parents and Teachers to improve youth behavioral health through parent education
  2.  Concord Prison to provide a public health speaker series for inmates
  3.  Gaining Ground to grow and donate organic produce for emergency food programs
  4.  Concord Promise to foster healthy technology use for tweens and teens

Looking for some interesting articles to read? Check out Emerson Hospital’s homepage.

Contact Information

133 Old Road to Nine Acre Corner Concord, MA 01742


Phone: 978-369-1400


Sylvia Marissa   November 28, 2020
Last week while on vacation, I became extremely ill. Not being familiar with the city and reluctant to check myself into the emergency room, I gave Dr. a call. He arrived at my hotel within 40 minutes and delivered both fantastic bedside manner and medical care. As a native New Yorker, I was admittedly skeptical. But Dr.'s experience and board certifications put me at ease. I was back on my feet the next day!
Paul Emerson   September 9, 2020
Great health resource west of Boston.
a little bit Alexis   September 1, 2020
I was born there :)
Not a little bit Alexis   September 1, 2020
I was born there :)
Stephen Lane   March 6, 2020
Last night, while playing hockey I was hit in the mouth with a stick. My lip split open and I chipped teeth. Upon arriving at Emerson Hospital's ER, I was quickly admitted, escorted by a nurse to a room where she took my vitals. Withing 10 mins. Dr. Thomas Lareau checked me out, cleaned my lip and inserted several stitches. His bedside manner was friendly, informative and his sewing skills were superb! He reviewed with me the plan for suture removal with my primary care physician and sent me on my way. All withing 40 mins! Absolutely great service without the long waiting times of other area hospitals. If you need to visit an ER, I highly recommend Emerson Hospital!!
Beth V.   February 10, 2020
From my first interaction with the reception area,to the person who wheeled me out the door, I received kind,warm,caring and professional attention. The...
AW LG   April 10, 2019
Spent a few days in the maternity ward following the delivery of our fourth. On a positive note, the nurses and doctors were for the most part very helpful and friendly for our extended stay. I do have a critical recommendation, however, the chairs in the postpartum section are terrible. For breastfeeding mothers, this is not a good way to start them off. For the partners, like myself, who sat in these chairs for hours holding the wee baby - ouch.
Alan T.   September 4, 2018
They were quick kind and seemed to be doing a good job. The place was clean and somewhat quiet tonight. X-ray Technicien was very good and waiting now to...