Doe + Fawn

Doe + Fawn offers a selection of toys, books and clothing with a deep connection to the natural world. Designed for young children and their caretakers, our thoughtful and engaging collection of goods is curated from the creative minds of artists, makers and producers with a love of nature, play and design.

Owner Amy Noordzij shares her background and inspiration for opening Doe + Fawn….

“There have been many life experiences that inspired my desire to open a children’s shop in West Concord. One of the more recent sparks for me was when I listened to a podcast called 1,800 Days. This podcast  is about the first 1,800 days of every child’s life- the time from birth to kindergarten- the most intense period of development in their lives. While the podcast goes deeper into the early childhood education system in the US, it got me thinking about what if I could open a store that embraced this time period through play and reading while also having a connection to the natural world.

I have M.ED and I was a Kindergarten teacher and worked in Environmental Education for a number of years prior to starting a family. I have served on the Board of Gaining Ground and Concord Education Fund. Most recently, I taught plant based cooking classes for The Healing Garden, Emerson Auxiliary, a local elementary school and was a private chef, with an emphasis on food and healing. This particular passion can be found in the “Farmer’s Market “section of the shop!  My hope for the shop is to connect my experiences in education while staying true to the mission, offer a welcoming space and build deeper community relationships. “

Contact Information

105 Commonwealth Avenue Concord, MA 01742



Steve M   December 21, 2022
Just had the most pleasant shopping experience at Doe + Fawn. A great place if you’re looking for that something extra!
Florentina Precup   November 13, 2022