Crosby’s Marketplace

Welcome to Crosby’s Marketplace!

We look forward to serving all of your organic, all natural, specialty and everyday shopping needs.
At Crosby’s you will find we are a locally grown business who takes pride in the communities in which we serve.

At our marketplaces you will find:

A wide selection of top quality Produce with a great selection of organics.
Delicious, homestyle Soups and Salad bars at select locations.
A mouth watering Cheese section which includes an assortment of cheese, pates and smoked meats from all over the world.
An In-Store Bakery offering up all your favorites from fresh baked breads to delectable desserts.
A Full Service Meat department with premium products such as Certified Angus, Bell and Evan’s All natural Poultry and a scrumptious offering of marinated meats and ready to cook meals.
A Delicatessen with a wide array of fresh sliced to order meats and cheeses ready to make any meal simple and delicious.
Our Kitchen department has an excellent variety of ready to eat meals that your family will love… and will give you more time to spend with your family.
In the Grocery department, you will find all your everyday needs complemented by a large selection of all natural, organic, gluten free and specialty lines.
Select locations offer beer, wine and alcohol choices from local and world wide breweries.
Catering to go. Sit back and enjoy your party. Let us take the extra step for you!
Select locations now carry a wide variety of foods from Henry’s Markets.

Fresh, homemade quality, now in your local Crosby’s!

Contact Information

211 Sudbury Road Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-3663


KarmaZGhostZ   April 11, 2024
On Tuesday Me and my girlfriend walked all the way down to crosbys to buy dinner only for my card to decline, after walking home & back to grab cash, a employee named Danielle offered to pay for our groceries, made my whole week
anthony pearce   March 15, 2024
Nice and clean and great display of good
Michael Currie   February 17, 2024
Stopped in for sandwiches. Really nice market... Lots to choose from including beer and wine. Staff was very nice.
Patricia Tambone   September 21, 2023
Love this place as the people make it. They are the best. No where else can I get the freshest clams, a fresh delicious roast turkey (without the time and hassle of cooking) and the friendliest faces , among other things.
X “hungrytommy” X   June 12, 2023
Given that I shop here nearly everyday, it has to be pretty good. It’s small and so the selection is less than the big grocery stores, but they do a good job with what they have. The real reason to come here is the quality meat and seafood at a fair price. The beef, for its quality, is the best in the area. And the seafood is a very good price for not being previously frozen. The store itself is a little old and could use a refresh, but if you look past that, Crosby’s is a solid local grocery store.
Steph Mehl (LadyWhydah)   January 7, 2023
I hadn't been to Crosby's in years, decades really. Went there to just kind look around and get reacquainted. It was the first place I've been able to find Ras El Hanout, which I had been looking for in multiple places (both east and west coast).
Gerald Walle   November 22, 2022
Nice supermarket, good choice of beer and wine in addition to typical grocery, good service. Not the cheapest but reasonable.
T Neilson   September 17, 2022
Good neighborhood market with a good deli.
Jason Tambolleo   May 2, 2022
This place is an excellent store if in the area highly recommend visiting especially around lunch time they are one of the very few places that I have found still around that has a make your own salad and soup bar their soups are amazing and fresh highly recommend the fish or seafood chowder it is incredible also salad bar is a phenomenal many items from seafood to tacos fresh excellent choices can't say enough on how amazing it is to find a salad bar so very well stocked price a little high per pound but I guess it is comparable to the area that is in and I have no problem paying it for the quality and choices
Glenn C.   March 4, 2022
Great spot for odds and ends- Nice Deli, some prepared foods including some Henry's items! Great craft beer and wine selection. Place is always clean and...
Lorelei Rareheart   November 22, 2021
This is my current employer so keep this in mind as you read the review. Crosby's Marketplace could best be summed up as if Whole Foods ran convince stores. They carry a wide selection of everyday staple foods and snacks along with various organic or all natural alternatives/equivalents. Given the location being near the Concord MBTA Commuter Rail station, major highways connecting to Boston, many beloved local small businesses, elderly housing complexes, and large residential neighborhoods it's extremely convenient. That said because it's a smaller store it can't order in large bulk quantities and you're also paying a premium for it's convenience factor, however the extra money, from my experience at this location, tends to go back to the employees in several small but meaningful ways. The produce section is where Crosby's Marketplace falls short. In my opinion the chill and relaxed employee environment has lead to a lack of quality control in produce. It's not uncommon, and even happens in waves, to have a batch of strawberries or something go up that are moldy and in unacceptable condition. In summary; great place to work, it treats employees well. Very convenient location to shop and recommended if you can afford the premium associated with it. Be vigilant when purchasing produce and you'll have few issues if ever shopping here.
John K   September 28, 2021
Best staff, Good prices, and great food.
Joe Sestrich   September 17, 2021
A nice local full service grocery store.
George Payne   August 19, 2021
Very friendly and helpful staff and good quality fresh foods.
Karen Cole   June 3, 2021
I just saw one review that said the place is run by people with zero customer service skills snd I felt the need to leave a review saying the Absolute opposite! I find they have the best customer service of all the supermarkets/markets that I go to in a wide area… not sure what happened to that person or what they were thinking!?
Dave R   May 26, 2021
Very helpful employees. Good selection of groceries, beverages and meat.
Mark Carr   May 15, 2021
Local but somewhat overpriced grocery store. Convenience is a huge plus, but they also have improved in many areas over recent months: nice craft beer selection; decent prices on wines; added vegan/vegetarian food options (Beyond Burgers, etc.) albeit at high prices. Great place to go when you need something quick and are "in-town."
David Wright   May 1, 2021
Well stocked, clean store with friendly and helpful staff. You don’t feel lost or in a warehouse like you do in one of the big chain super-stores.
Gerald Couper   April 14, 2021
Pretty good variety for the size of this store.
Graham Tunnicliffe   January 21, 2021
Small chain of grocery stores friendly staff clean store on the small but nice place
Marybeth Kelly   January 10, 2021
LOVE Crosby's - wonderful, local staff; clean, organized, great deli and butcher. Easy in and out.
Merita Mullen   November 22, 2020
I called Crosby’s, my local Market, to inquire as to Roasted Pre Cooked Turkey Breast for me to share with my 97 + year old Dad on Thanksgiving; he still lives in the family home. The young man in the Deli with whom I spoke, put a Turkey split breast aside for me. I went to Crosby’s s immediately to pick up. Once again, the young gentleman was quite pleasant. A lovely woman put the Turkey in my cart, and I mentioned that it was for a very small Thanksgiving dinner for an elderly Gent who had to be protected from the virus.He has not seen his Greatgrandbaby since August, nor hs grandchildren, as they work in the public schools, and could be Carriers. Once I said that, she took me around the store to make sure I had all of the necessary items to make my dad a Happy Thanksgiving- even though it will be quite limited in terms of loved ones. Thanks to both who helped me pull this together.
Jeffrey Lukowsky   November 15, 2020
Clean, we'll trained staff who are very helpful. A good community supermarket.
David Levine   September 20, 2020
Considering its size, Crosby's has a comprehensive selection of products. I nearly always find what I need. Along with fair prices and attentive employees, Crosby's is always my first choice.
Jankee Ramos   August 26, 2020
Excellent prices great spacing w masks a delight
Justin Andrews   August 18, 2020
The workers there are very friendly and their customers are well taken care of in a timely manner
Juliet Wheeler   August 8, 2020
Well stocked with most st of what I need, courteous staff small Floorplan for quick inand out great meat and seafood well worth extra price for less anxiety!
Brian Busch   August 3, 2020
From the outside it looks like a small store. But it's bigger on the inside! They carry so many brands, and quite a few hard to find items
Mal B.   July 13, 2020
I love Crosby's when I enter the store - fresh produce, prepared food and desserts greet you. Great beer and wine selection. Don't shop hungry. Prices for...
nicholas poser   May 8, 2020
All the generic paper products I could ask for during the covid outbreak
Gypsy M.   April 19, 2020
I appreciate that they have everything, well mostly everything LOL but they are right down the street, we are in the middle of a pandemic and glad to have a...
Martha Green   January 23, 2019
I love stopping by to see the familiar faces of a wonderful staff and a very nice owner! I shop here because the prices are reasonable for a family owned store and I don't feel bad about wasting my money because I know its going to good use! love the bathroom in the back now too! I always felt like I was out of place having to go through the back door but its much nicer now. I'm very glad to see that they treat their employees very kindly
Courtney N.   May 31, 2018
This is one of my favorite Crosby's locations. Plenty of parking and a really clean and well organized store. You can tell the employees care about the...
Sandy D.   May 29, 2017
Found this great market on the way to one of our favorite seafood restaurants. As were going in to check it out, we noticed the sign in the window that sign...