Concord teacakes

This bakery is filled with everything that makes you happy: cupcakes, scones, cookies and cakes. Stop in for coffee in the morning or soup and sandwiches in the afternoon. Order dessert for a special occasion and be wowed by the artistic presentation on all of their cakes. A bonus is their gluten free cupcakes taste like they have gluten!

Contact Information

59 Commonwealth Avenue Concord, MA 01742


Phone: 978-369-7644



Walter McCloskey   September 27, 2020
The place has top notch cookies and pastries. Coffee is self serve and not always hot or consistently good. I spent $5 on 2 cookies dipped in chocolate with cream filling. It was worth it. But, i wouldn't splurge like that more than once every couple weeks.
Les Mahoney   September 3, 2020
Lovely place, would have been great to eat in, but that was not possible... scones great, chai and cappuccino very good, german chocolate cupcake very yummy!
Elaine Carr   August 15, 2020
Concord Teacakes generously donated some delicious baked goods to Emerson Hospital (which is where I work). I had one of their blueberry muffins this morning. Even a day after being made, it was unbelievably soft and moist! I highly recommend this place for their kindness/generosity, as well as delicious treats.
Catherine Grant   August 9, 2020
We ordered a cake for our 20th wedding anniversary. I didn't give a lot of instruction, just "make it pretty". Boy, did they! Our cake was both gorgeous and delicious. We will definitely be returning to try all the other treats they offer.
Mark B.   April 29, 2020
CTC now has a 7 foot high plexiglass barrier in front of the order/payment area. Personnel also wearing masks and gloves. Even the baker in the side room...
Christine Dyson   March 17, 2020
Daughter's wedding was held quite quickly and we found ourselves in a city where we didn't know where to find a cake. Mackenzie was amazing. With the store closing in 5 minutes, we thought we would go in to see if it was worth returning. We showed her a cake we were interested in and she began working with us, not rushing us out. Several people walked in after us and she greeted them by name. I figure if the locals keep coming back that's a great sign. We were able to order a cake, the chocolate mousse centre was amazing, and everyone raved about it. I loved her customer service skills just as much as we loved the cake, apple pie and brownie assortment!
Jennifer R.   November 13, 2019
Concord Teacakes has the most delectable cupcakes I've ever had! They had a booth at the Taste of Middlesex Expo with many samples of different flavored...
Vivian C.   July 26, 2019
Concord Teacakes is located in West Concord, just across from the train station. Loop around back and there is a small parking lot - just read the signs to...
Bernard Farrell   April 16, 2019
Great place for early morning coffee and/or baked items. I love their scones and cookies, but they have a huge variety of other items. I've also had some salads and they're yummy. There's enough room that you can usually sit down. They have great looking cakes, see one of my attached photos -- though I've never bough one. They also sell a small selection of day old baked goods at a great price.
MK M   March 30, 2019
Found this restaurant on google maps this morning and took a quick trip over. The scones and muffins were a 10/10! The service was fantastic and we can’t wait to come back!
Alyssa Tanigawa   December 15, 2018
The prices are a little bit higher than starbucks but is more than made up for in the freshness and quality of every bite. If you haven't tried the English style Current Scones, I would highly recommend experiencing them. They are usually sold out of those every day by 2pm because they are so good!