Concord Teacakes

This bakery is filled with everything that makes you happy: cupcakes, scones, cookies and cakes. Stop in for coffee in the morning or soup and sandwiches in the afternoon. Order dessert for a special occasion and be wowed by the artistic presentation on all of their cakes. A bonus is their gluten free cupcakes taste like they have gluten!

Contact Information

59 Commonwealth Avenue Concord, MA 01742


Phone: 978-369-7644



Leah   June 3, 2024
This was my first time ordering from Concord Teacakes and wow was I impressed! My go-to bakery of over 20 years stopped taking custom orders and I was worried about finding a comparable one. Well, I did! Concord Teacakes made an absolutely perfect cake for my son’s graduation. I ordered marble with chocolate mousse filling and it was so delicious! Lisa was wonderful to work with. I showed her a picture of the design and hoped for the best. The cake came out even better than expected. I was thrilled when I opened the box! Well done Concord Teacakes…my new go-to bakery!
JTMV blogs   May 21, 2024
We love the flavor and the design we asked came out so well! My son love his smash cake too he almost finish it all
Maddie T.   May 16, 2024
I went in and got an iced vanilla chai and an iced vanilla latte, both were very good and well priced. I also got a mint brownie which was delicious. The...
Arpit Sharma   April 29, 2024
I recently had a Blippi-themed birthday cake made for my son, and I was absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. The cake's visual appeal was breathtaking, featuring intricate detailing of Blippi's iconic orange and blue outfit. It surpassed all of my expectations.
Zoie L.   April 9, 2024
Went in with my son. I got an apple pie and it was in fact the best apple pie I've ever had. I'm not even an apple pie fan.
Madeline Hertz   February 23, 2024
I would highly recommend Concord Teacakes! We got two cakes, a sheet cake and a smash cake, for my daughters first birthday and the cakes were absolutely perfect! The decorations were amazing - the cakes looked exactly how I envisioned them and were delicious. Lisa was great to work with throughout the ordering process. Amazing!
Elizabeth Williams   February 14, 2024
I'm from Michigan and had a cake made for my daughter's baby shower who lives in Tewksbury. I called the bakery and gave them an idea on what we wanted, theme-wise, and I couldn't have been more pleased! The cake was absolutely ADORABLE, and it was exactly what I wanted and fit our baby shower theme to a T!! Thank you to whoever did our cake. Expectation exceeded! I also picked up a crumb bundt cake while I was there, and it was delicious! Thank you, Concord Teacakes. You put the icing on the cake! I will definitely come back next time I'm in the area! :)
Rebecca D.   February 13, 2024
Stopped in Saturday morning for coffee and a treat. There was a lot going on and only a few places to sit but most people were getting things to go so it...
Allison Krysiek   January 17, 2024
I ordered a custom cake for my son’s 6th birthday. I gave very general guidelines of how I would like it decorated and it came out better than I ever could have imagined! The custom cake service here is outstanding!
Niketa Jaywant   January 1, 2024
Ordered my son's birthday cake and cupcakes from here. Everything was up to the mark and the cake was really good. This will definitely be the go too for upcoming birthdays.
S L.   November 2, 2023
Cookies are even better than they look and everyone was really nice. Mocha was good and great price.
Kristin H.   October 18, 2023
I stopped in today while waiting for my partner who had a local appointment and was glad I did! I got two vanilla chai teas, a bagel with chive and onion...
Joe Taxpayer   October 14, 2023
Concord Teacakes has been my go-to bakery for some time now. I work part time in a high school (math dept), and when students I've known for 4 years are turning 18, I want to show them I care. Recently, in the teacher lunchroom, a teacher walked in with this cake my wife got for me to celebrate my own birthday. Now, my co-workers understand why, as a cake snob, I don't go anywhere else. This was a carrot cake, and to say it was wonderful would be an understatement. This bakery will continue to be a tradition to help celebrate these milestones.
Madeline Hertz   September 21, 2023
I would highly recommend Concord Teacakes! We got two cakes, a sheet cake and a smash cake, for my daughters first birthday and the cakes were absolutely perfect! The decorations were amazing, and exactly what I asked for and the cakes were delicious. Lisa was great to work with thought out the ordering process. Amazing!
Jane Migdol   August 29, 2023
I stopped in yesterday for the first time and I chose a few of the cookies for my kids to try. I can't wait to go back again soon!
Dina F.   August 21, 2023
Great place to sit and watch the trains go by with my nephew!!! Delicious coffee and super friendly staff.
Mike Wipper   August 1, 2023
Teacakes is fantastic! I’ve been coming here since I was a kid and love the baked goods, cakes, coffees, pastries, sandwiches, and perhaps most importantly, the famous scones :) whenever I visit home, I always look forward to stopping by Teacakes!
Sondra Johnson   July 23, 2023
They nail every birthday cake for my kids and I birthday every single time!!! Thank you so much concord tea cakes for always bringing my vision to life, aside from their creativity the cakes are absolutely delicious and always super moist and tasty!!!
Varsha Kallanmarthodi Menon   July 5, 2023
We ordered my daughters birthday pull out cupcake cake from there and it was a big hit. Most of the kids took seconds. A little bit on the expensive side.
Irene Reilly   May 24, 2023
I’ve always loved the cakes I’ve ordered. Always beautiful. But this this one was extraordinary. The flowers were jumping off the cake. I can’t recommend them enough. Not to mention how amazing the cake and raspberry filling was. Please you must experience this at least once. I cant say any more. Thank you ! I appreciate the hard work put into your art every day. I wish I could add a picture.
Sarah G.   May 2, 2023
Everything in here is delicious. I love you can buy bags of scones. But their cupcakes are honestly better than the gourmet fancy-schmancy ones from...
Benjamin K.   April 30, 2023
I've been coming here most of my life, as my friends and family are fans. Having recently got into vanilla iced lattes, having never drank coffee before in...
David Packer   April 10, 2023
Great local spot for breakfast and treats. Great selection of coffee as well. Really good breakfast sandwiches. Did I mention they make cakes and cookies as well? Would definitely recommend checking this place out!
Dee S.   March 21, 2023
Really nice muffins/loaf cakes snd pastries. The soups are good too- hearty and tasty. Pleasant staff.
Brett H.   December 13, 2022
I called to place an order to be delivered to a coworker on her first day. Dan was incredibly helpful and my coworker was thrilled! I’m not in the area, she was so impressed that we picked the best bakery around to surprise her with!
Timothy A.   December 7, 2022
Good gluten free options! The service is excellent! Only one block away! Do yourself a favor and give them a try!!
Lisa S.   October 13, 2022
Love this place! Delicious shortbread cookies and breakfast sandwiches. Picking up our ordered-ahead breakfast order was a bit chaotic, some of the younger...
Deepa S.   September 17, 2022
We ordered a Decadent Marble Cake online and picked it up. Ordering and pickup experience was seamless and very polite staff as well when we called to ask...
lissa lewis   August 16, 2022
We are impressed!!! They made my daughter's sweet 16 birthday cake and it was perfection. We will be coming here for all of our special occasion cake needs. The design was just as she wanted it and the flavor and frosting was divine!! She wanted a strawberry mousse middle and it was so fresh tasting! I highly recommend Concord Teacakes!!
Will   August 16, 2022
They did a wonderful job on our cake, moist and delicious inside, fantastic frosting that is the perfect amount of sweetness. Great experience.
Kathy S.   July 10, 2022
Cute little place we stopped into in a rainy day up outside of Boston. Had the best red velvet cupcake and one that was kind of like a king dong, so good....
Kristen Tracy   July 8, 2022
Concord Teacakes has a friendly staff, yummy espresso drinks, and tasty pastries. I stopped in for a latte one day and keep going back. Recently, I asked for a custom cake for my son’s birthday. I gave them a picture from a book, and they ran with the design, calling with questions to make sure everything was just right. It was a big hit at the party, both the design and the taste. Thank you, Concord Teacakes!
Sarah McDermott Pierce   June 26, 2022
Found this local shop when panic ordering birthday cakes and cupcakes online. They were perfect, and absolutely delicious. The GF cupcakes were also very good, which made the usually-resigned-to-cardboard-cupcakes GF birthday person very happy! What I love most about their cakes is that they’re really well balanced—the frosting is sweet but not too much (not the usual cloyingly sweet) and all of the flavors come through (none are overpowering). We put in a custom order for yet another birthday cake and will be coming here for everything going forward!
Hallie Coffin-Gould   June 18, 2022
Concord Teacakes is the most amazing way to mark a special occasion. The detail they put into their custom cake designs is truly wonderful. Their cake is both gorgeous and delicious!!!
Jen M.   June 15, 2022
We've only ever bought the cakes (how appropriate!) and a pie, but they were really well-made and tasted great. The service is friendly and efficient, too.
Brad Conner   June 9, 2022
I ordered cupcakes for a going away reception. From beginning to end, everything was terrific. The delivery of the beautiful cupcakes was great and the quality of the product was such that, once the reception began, ALL the cupcakes were eaten within a matter of minutes! I heard nothing but rave reviews about their taste and quality. I was also very pleased with the cost. In short, Concord Teacakes was an excellent choice for the event!
E T.   June 5, 2022
We ordered a gluten-free cake specially made for our son's 5th birthday- it was awesome! The decoration on the cake was amazingly constructed with Thomas...
Gayathri Fernando   May 8, 2022
They made a beautiful dinosaur cake and cup cakes for my daughter’s birthday and they were simply delicious. The cake was made exactly the way I wanted and all the people enjoyed. Thank you Concord tea cakes for doing an amazing job. Now I know where I can order cakes
Shawn McCann   April 15, 2022
Great made to order breakfast sandwiches. And be sure to get a bag of their currant scones!
Elaine Swerdlow   April 8, 2022
I ordered the German Chocolate Cake for a large family luncheon, and everyone thought it was outstandingly delicious.
Lindsay C.   February 27, 2022
Bought a birthday cake (6" chocolate on chocolate) and the whole family loved it! They were also able to write "happy birthday" + 2 names on the cake which...
Amanda Schueckler   February 14, 2022
Try the pecan pie. That alone is worth the 5 stars. I love how you can place orders online and pay online, so convenient!
Teresa Shirkova   January 30, 2022
Concord Teacakes created a masterpiece birthday cake for me. I had a major swimming event in the summer and they recreated it with such care and detail. Thank you for putting your heart into my celebration and giving me such a wonderful, delicious, stunning surprise!
K K   January 4, 2022
Wonderful, fresh cakes, cookies, and coffee. The staff is always cheerful, patient, and eager to please the customers. Raspberry linzer cookies are the best!
Yuk L.   January 2, 2022
Cute neighborhood cafe. We've come in multiple times for coffee, snacks and breakfast. The kiddos love the egg sandwiches which I agree is very good. We...
Rachel Williams   December 18, 2021
I love their beautifully decorated cupcakes, they have such creative ideas for flavors, their bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches are incredible and I love that the staff is always so kind ❤️
Google User   December 3, 2021
Wonderful local bakery. Their tea cakes are perfect size for a special occasion for a small family. During COVID, they have a very easy online process where you can order and pick up.
Kylie Brough   November 26, 2021
This place knows it’s way around an apple crisp! The best I’ve ever had!
Lee Lipski   November 3, 2021
Great place with delicious food and coffee. Favorite is the breakfast sandwich. Also has a nice outdoor covered area for when the temperature is more comfortable - enjoy!
Don Jordan   November 1, 2021
Pretty shop with some of the finest pastries to be found. The Concord Whopie Pie is huge and thick and the best ever. Fresh coffee is second to none as well. The chicken salad used fresh chunks of white meat made that morning of healthy grain bread.
Rebecca Slocum   August 21, 2021
Loved the cake I bought from Concord Teacakes! It was beautiful and so delicious. Thank you for working me in last minute and for your prompt service! I will definitely use you again!
Lisa E   August 11, 2021
Bolton Orchard sells their products and I'm there every week. I highly recommend their lemon teacakes and mint brownies. I'm allergic to cinnamon otherwise I would explore more of what Bolton Orchard carries but everything I've tried so far is excellent. I need to get to the Concord Teacakes store and see what else they have.
Heather C.   July 12, 2021
We ordered a Winnie the Pooh cake for my daughters birthday. I sent a picture of a cake that had Pooh and Piglet and the cake designer perfectly copied the...
Maddy M.   June 29, 2021
My favorite birthday cake- their buttercream frosting is unmatched and the cake itself has a good texture. There are always smaller cakes available for...
Lauren J.   June 8, 2021
This was a cute little bakery. I stopped in during a visit to my friend's new house in Concord. She said she wanted to "show me something" and we parked...
Jamie Patterson   May 24, 2021
Yikes!!!! I’m not sure I needed to know that such decadent goodness is so close. I bought a lemon/raspberry cake for my mother-in-law’s birthday and barely left her a slice .... it was beyond delicious. I’ll be coming back for my next cake.
Praveena Prasad   May 2, 2021
One of the best cake shops I've been to in Boston! Ordered strawberry mousse and marble cakes for birthdays- super moist and decadent and perfectly sweet! Also, their box of assorted macarons (caramel, lemon, coconut, strawberry & pistachio flavors)is a must try! Looking forward to trying the many more awesome cakes they have to offer.
Meg B.   March 27, 2021
Delicious and beautiful birthday cake! We could not believe how amazing the decorations were and then everyone raved about the taste. Thank you for making...
Elisa C.   March 19, 2021
Tried this lovely little bakery for the first time, and everything was delicious! We got a breakfast sandwich, 4 cupcakes (triple chocolate, red velvet,...
Alanna Keegan   February 25, 2021
I love coming here so much! I work across the street and they are my favorite lunch time spot. They have the most pleasant staff, and I love getting their recommendations on their favorite sweets. Their coffees are generously sized for the price and they have lots of nondairy milk substitutes which is nice. Would highly recommend!
Gayathri Raja   February 20, 2021
I go into this store thinking, oh, I’ll just buy a coffee and a muffin. But every time, I come out buying more than just that! How can one resist their delicious currant scones and lemon drop cookies?! So good. Also, the staff at Concord Teacakes are always friendly! Thank you xx
ben ives   February 9, 2021
Great breakfast sandwich with spinach and tomato, not sure how they made it so fast. Thanks for the great service!
Christina Petkus   January 29, 2021
We are so grateful to Concord Teacakes for consistently providing our family with the centerpiece of our family's major milestones. They have done both my boys' first birthday and baptism cakes and each cake impresses me more! I tell them my theme and vision and they always make it better than I imagined (most recently a Woodland Winter Wonderland 1st birthday)! Not only are these cakes stunning, but they are also delicious! All our guests compliment the beauty and taste. They are professional, respond quickly and NEVER disappoint!
A Google User   January 29, 2021
We are so grateful to Concord Teacakes for consistently providing our family with the centerpiece of our family's major milestones. They have done both my boys' first birthday and baptism cakes and each cake impresses me more! I tell them my theme and vision and they always make it better than I imagined (most recently a Woodland Winter Wonderland 1st birthday)! Not only are these cakes stunning, but they are also delicious! All our guests compliment the beauty and taste. They are professional, respond quickly and NEVER disappoint!
Emily T.   January 14, 2021
Best custom-made birthday cakes ever!! Have ordered 2 for major birthdays (60 & 72!) and they were both deeeelicious & gorgeous - even when ordered by...
Tami Peters   November 26, 2020
Grabbed some cinnamon for my girlfriend since it's her favorite. "Concord Teacakes' got splendid and talented bakers! Good job!
Diana Nguyen   November 7, 2020
I wanted to surprise my significant other with a cupcake for his birthday and saw that Concord Teacakes was nearby and had a lot of options. I went in on a Friday morning around opening time and found plenty of street parking. You go in through the side door and you exit the front door. I ordered one Hot and one iced coffee, 4 cupcakes (Carrot cake, caramel macchiato, Oreo, and red velvet), and a cranberry orange loaf. Coffee was awesome, cranberry orange loaf was very moist and crumbly (but good!), and the cupcakes were phenomenal. The caramel macchiato was my favorite- not too sweet but flavorful. Very much looking forward to coming back!
Diana N.   November 7, 2020
I wanted to surprise my significant other with a cupcake for his birthday and saw that Concord Teacakes was nearby and had a lot of options. I went in on a...
Jim Van Sciver   November 5, 2020
Excellent coffee and baked goods. Very nice customer service. Good virus safety; only three customer groups allowed in the store and six foot distance line outside.
James P. M.   October 28, 2020
A cozy bakery with a friendly atmosphere, attentive service and a delicious offering of coffee, cakes,cookies and cupcakes and more. Check out those...
Walter McCloskey   September 27, 2020
The place has top notch cookies and pastries. Coffee is self serve and not always hot or consistently good. I spent $5 on 2 cookies dipped in chocolate with cream filling. It was worth it. But, i wouldn't splurge like that more than once every couple weeks.
Les Mahoney   September 3, 2020
Lovely place, would have been great to eat in, but that was not possible... scones great, chai and cappuccino very good, german chocolate cupcake very yummy!
Elaine Carr   August 15, 2020
Concord Teacakes generously donated some delicious baked goods to Emerson Hospital (which is where I work). I had one of their blueberry muffins this morning. Even a day after being made, it was unbelievably soft and moist! I highly recommend this place for their kindness/generosity, as well as delicious treats.
Catherine Grant   August 9, 2020
We ordered a cake for our 20th wedding anniversary. I didn't give a lot of instruction, just "make it pretty". Boy, did they! Our cake was both gorgeous and delicious. We will definitely be returning to try all the other treats they offer.
Molly A.   July 2, 2020
Love the baked goods here! The Italian Anise cookies are a favorite in our family! Their deli sandwiches are also really good, try the chicken salad! Happy...
Mark B.   April 29, 2020
CTC now has a 7 foot high plexiglass barrier in front of the order/payment area. Personnel also wearing masks and gloves. Even the baker in the side room...
Christine Dyson   March 17, 2020
Daughter's wedding was held quite quickly and we found ourselves in a city where we didn't know where to find a cake. Mackenzie was amazing. With the store closing in 5 minutes, we thought we would go in to see if it was worth returning. We showed her a cake we were interested in and she began working with us, not rushing us out. Several people walked in after us and she greeted them by name. I figure if the locals keep coming back that's a great sign. We were able to order a cake, the chocolate mousse centre was amazing, and everyone raved about it. I loved her customer service skills just as much as we loved the cake, apple pie and brownie assortment!
Jennifer R.   November 13, 2019
Concord Teacakes has the most delectable cupcakes I've ever had! They had a booth at the Taste of Middlesex Expo with many samples of different flavored...
Vivian C.   July 26, 2019
Concord Teacakes is located in West Concord, just across from the train station. Loop around back and there is a small parking lot - just read the signs to...
Bernard Farrell   April 16, 2019
Great place for early morning coffee and/or baked items. I love their scones and cookies, but they have a huge variety of other items. I've also had some salads and they're yummy. There's enough room that you can usually sit down. They have great looking cakes, see one of my attached photos -- though I've never bough one. They also sell a small selection of day old baked goods at a great price.
MK M   March 30, 2019
Found this restaurant on google maps this morning and took a quick trip over. The scones and muffins were a 10/10! The service was fantastic and we can’t wait to come back!
Alyssa Tanigawa   December 15, 2018
The prices are a little bit higher than starbucks but is more than made up for in the freshness and quality of every bite. If you haven't tried the English style Current Scones, I would highly recommend experiencing them. They are usually sold out of those every day by 2pm because they are so good!