Concord Museum

The Concord Museum educates visitors of all ages about the history of Concord and its continuing influence on American political, literary and cultural life. The Museum’s nationally significant collection serves as a catalyst for changing exhibitions, extended classroom learning, dynamic programs and publications relevant to an ever-changing world. Founded in 1886, the Museum is a center of cultural enjoyment for the region and a gateway to the town of Concord for visitors from around the world.

The Concord Museum has been continuously accredited by the American Alliance of Museums since 1973.


Contact Information

53 Cambridge Turnpike Concord, MA 01742


Phone: 978-369-9763


Wanda A.   April 16, 2023
My friend and l went to the Concord Museum, where we got to learn about the local history of the area such as the revolutionary battles that took place,...
Jake Sweeney   April 13, 2023
If you are looking for a place with rich American Revolutionary history, this is it. The exhibits were engaging and informative both about the indigenous peoples of the area and the Minutemen who fought for our freedom. Plus a planetarium and space exhibit for astronomy buffs. When I went with a group they had very knowledgeable docents in each room who knew when to explain things and when to hang back and let learning happen naturally. Would definitely recommend if you are looking to kill an afternoon.
Lilly A.   March 31, 2023
Came for the lantern, stayed for the excellent exhibits. As a museum connoisseur, I am a tough critic. But the Concord Museum does such a nice job covering...
Gina Stark   February 21, 2023
Really nice local history museum. Interesting for adults and they provide activities and learning experiences for kids too. Staff is amazingly knowledgeable also.
Peter S.   January 29, 2023
Amazing museum and special programs!
James McQuivey   December 28, 2022
The recently upgraded museum has expanded facilities, including the long-standing traditional colonial history exhibits as well as a new section with ample exploration of indigenous history. The featured exhibit space is always a winner, featuring local historical, artistic, and cultural special exhibits.
Peter Czipott   November 17, 2022
This small but superbly curated museum covers Concord history from the earliest human occupation at the end of the last ice age, through the heyday of the indigenous population and its end with the arrival of the Europeans. It also reviews the experience of Blacks in Concord. Thus it gives a nuanced picture of the town's history while giving due prominence to its role in the Revolution and to its illustrious literary community.
Scott Sessions   October 6, 2022
Well done, as in a high quality experience. My opinion is that the best exhibit is the large wall on the second floor that tells the story of the shot heard round the world. Graphics, sound, story, complete with graphics. It tied Emerson to Thoreau and others. I suggest at least 90 minutes.
Mark Pizzi   September 14, 2022
Was blown away. We simply never had any idea that we’d walk into such a well curated, clean, well run museum. The artifacts were unexpected and really outstanding. If you have any interest in the beginning g of our country this is a must.
Mary M.   August 22, 2022
This is a lovely museum. We enjoyed our visit. The exhibits were interesting and we enjoyed our time there.
Nicole DeMilt   August 19, 2022
Amazing tour through Concord's History. A wing dedicated to the Shot Heard Round the World and an amazing walk through the Civil War Era. I learned a lot about the famous abolitionists of the Era.
Carlos Morgado   August 18, 2022
Wonderful presentation of early America and its struggle for independence. Definitely worth visiting.
Ray Subasos   July 17, 2022
This facility is exceedingly clean and well-organized. Although it is a small local museum, the exhibits are well-made, and there are some spectacular artifacts that make it worthwhile to see when in the area. Extremely friendly staff. I was surprised!
Michael Bauer   July 15, 2022
Super must-visit place if you are interested in pre-revolution history. Learn what immediate events led up to the declaration of independence. Many great artifacts and displays that help you understand how events unfolded.
Laurie B.   July 14, 2022
Excellent depiction of the battle at the old North Bridge, although, as the park ranger told us, the Minuteman monument is on the wring side. It is near...
Rick B.   June 17, 2022
The Concord Museum is a museum of local history located at 53 Cambridge Turnpike, Concord, Massachusetts, United States, and best known for its collection...
Christopher Williams   May 31, 2022
This place just kepps getting better with time...
Gabriel Caldwell   April 15, 2022
This is a very clean and well-organized establishment. Although it is a small local museum, the exhibits are well-made, with some impressive relics worth visiting while visiting other places in the vicinity. Extremely pleasant staff. I was astonished!
Gina W.   April 8, 2022
Amazing! We were pleasantly surprised by this informative museum tucked away in this quaint New England town. We appreciated learning the history of this...
Phylly Goodman   April 3, 2022
Wonderful historic building with matching exhibition and revolving shows. Friendly knowledge staff.
Erin Unger   February 28, 2022
This was a nice little museum. We really enjoyed the Interactive wall map of Paul Revere's ride the most.
Philip Antinone   February 25, 2022
1-2 hours for the visit. A great way to learn about the history surrounding the town and its famous authors. The museum includes the marginal history that was overlooked in a sensible and accurate manner. Be sure to ask questions to the guides! They are experts and have tons of cool extras that you'll miss.
jason laplume   January 17, 2022
Super friendly and knowledgeable staff! Great collection. Had an excellent time and will be back.
Claudia Wyatt   October 23, 2021
It was a phenomenal experience! Overjoyed by being submerged in history. Extremely moving. Thank you.
Ashley Lorenz   October 19, 2021
We went to this museum for the very 1st time about 6 years ago for their annual literary trees exhibit, which was very charming by the way. Our in laws and kids were with us and the guy made the point that by the time we bought those tickets it was nearly a membership so we went ahead with that and actually would return for a couple years on going. The kids are a little older now so we haven't been in a while but it's a it's a very well done museum. Lots of great stuff about the history in the area, and a bunch of is a bunch of activity centers for kids. Fun for all ages and a great stop off. I haven't been there since they finished the edition,I bet it's even more wonderful. Also it's a very quick 10 minute walk into Concord center which has a ton of cute shops and coffee places. If you keep walking you will pass by conquer Academy. Is doctor Dre the other way and you'll hit Sleepy Hollow cemetery, home of author's ridge. This is a great way to get your small town New England experience any time of the year.
John Nesbit   October 13, 2021
Excellent overview of local Concord history with a wealth of material from Thoreau. Emerson's study is also re-created.
Tom Butera   July 31, 2021
Fantastic museum with artifacts from Paul Revere and 1 of the lanterns that hung in the church tower. The museum has a great movie that gives a better overview of the battle on April 19.
Sam Simons   July 25, 2021
Impressive museum. I was surprised this small local museum was well developed and professional. Comprehensive coverage of the connections to Native Americans and women's history along with the expected Rev War and Transcendental wriers. Highlights for me were Native American artifacts, Thoreau's writing desk, and the original working models of the Minuteman Statue and Seated Lincoln by David French. The exhibition of the events of April 19, 1775 was outstanding! I highly recommend visiting.
Sam S.   July 25, 2021
Impressive museum. I was surprised this small local museum was well developed and professional. Comprehensive coverage of the connections to Native...
Kiwirain123   July 17, 2021
Man I don't know who you are but your timing's impeccable. Preston Garvey, Commonwealth Minutemen.
D   June 16, 2021
Staff was very friendly and informative. Was worth visiting.
Rosemarie Komorowski   June 13, 2021
Very interesting and informative guides learned a lot of historical tidbits I was not aware of
George B.   May 17, 2021
If you want a place that highlights all the greatest hits of the history of Concord, this is it! Each adult ticket was about $10 but they also have some...
Larry   May 15, 2021
Very clean and well organized place. Small local museum but the exhibits were professionally made, some impressive artifacts worth coming out to see while seeing other sites in the area. Extremely friendly staff. I was impressed!
Mason Grimm   May 13, 2021
Cool place but theres this guy who asked me to take him and his group of people to this place called "Sanctuary Hills" and then told me theres settlements that needed help.
Natty Hoffman   April 28, 2021
This little gem of a museum has a top notch audio visual display of Paul Revere's ride and the subsequent battle. Great for kids; pair this with a visit to the nearby bike trail and you've got a perfect family outing.
Joseph DeWolfe   April 17, 2021
A great part of a day trip to Concord. Seeing authentic artifacts from the towns history from the revolution to its authors. Spent about 2 or 3 hours there, the new April 19th exhibit is fantastic!
Martin Luther King K. Rool   February 26, 2021
I'm sorry, but there's no time for a visit. We received word from another settlement that they need our help. I'll mark it on your map.
Charlotte Mick   October 11, 2020
Great exhibits, beautiful museum, and friendly staff who can answer any questions you may have!
Deb Miles   September 29, 2020
This was a highlight of our visit to Concord. The Paul Revere gallery was wonderful, but the literary artifacts were amazing. The museum was very careful with the number of people booked in advance and sanitizing. I felt very safe there.
Alexander Parson   September 6, 2020
Nice museum!
E G   August 18, 2020
The great staff with an amazing knowledge of the past history of the town. Very pleased with the safety and protection of me and my family while we visit the museum we will come again soon.!
Eusebio Gonzalez Sr   August 18, 2020
The great staff with an amazing knowledge of the past history of the town. Very pleased with the safety and protection of me and my family while we visit the museum we will come again soon.!
RoadTrip NewEngland   July 12, 2020
Concord Museum is a great stop in a town with a number of historical house museums. We especially loved seeing Thoreau’s desk
Elle Cunha   January 14, 2020
What a wonderful afternoon we had viewing the Christmas Trees with a book for each
Laurie S.   October 23, 2018
Astounding that so many of America's most important moments in history are documented by the collections of what some would consider to be a "small" museum....
M M   October 8, 2018
Great place to visit. Perfect for the family. Interesting Concord's history. The museum staff are very friendly, the brochures are very informative. The museum have a little store with specialty books and gifts. OMG, the restrooms are immaculate clean. love it.
Super accommodation for the Fun Free Fridays crowd. Spectacularly put together, especially for all ages. The scavenger hunt had everyone engaged in learning, and they threw in a bit of fun!
Kristin Bass   July 28, 2018
This is a fascinating museum within walking distance of the Louisa May Alcott house. I came across it walking back from Alcott's house to my hotel. There are two floors dedicated to local history, mostly 18th and 19th century. I especially enjoyed the temporary exhibition on fashion. Honestly, I didn't think the topic would interest me as much as it did. I was drawn in by the panel about how clothes were made, which gave me a new appreciation for the dresses on display. I also enjoyed talking to a docent about the history of the dresses, and why they were so well-preserved. For kids and the young at heart, there's a table where you can design your own fan. I had fun doing that. It's well worth spending an hour or so here to expand your knowledge of local history.
Ashley P.   June 25, 2018
Great tour and great place to read about everything that went on many many years ago. They're currently in the middle of adding on to the museum and when...
R V.   January 27, 2010
Though I'm not a Concord native, I enjoyed the museum and the story of the town. They did a great job covering a lot of ground, from the Revolutionary...