The Concord Market

In a world of big-box retailers, knowing where our food comes from is important to us. At Concord Market, we strive to offer our community and visitors carefully selected specialty foods, including fresh cooked meals and baked goods, small batch packaged goods, artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, craft beers, and wines.  We work hard to find items that are made sustainably by people committed to crafting high quality, hand-made products. We also work to get to know our customers on a personal level.  This allows us to provide an in-depth understanding of the products they like  We strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere and an all-around enjoyable shopping experience.

Along with our sister restaurant, Trail’s End Café, we offer a wide range of catering options. We are able to cater on site in our restaurant (including in our private lounge), or offsite. In addition to providing delicious food made with fresh and local ingredients, we offer full bartending services for both on and offsite events. From small private gatherings to large corporate events, we are happy to create a menu for your needs.

Contact Information

77 Lowell Road Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-7500



Greg Burrow   October 5, 2021
Wonderful small grocery store with really nice and knowledgeable staff! Enjoyed my shopping experience!
Mark Alcarez   August 8, 2021
Really great to go food for parties. Beautiful place and helpful staff.
Lee S.   July 23, 2021
When Concord Market first opened I was not that impressed. Now...I'm 100% in the opposite direction. They have really utilized the space, the offering are...
Leah Klein   July 16, 2021
An amazing find that for so long I did not know existed even though I drive by here often. The market is fairly large with baked goods, breads, local and interesting selections of drinks from unicorn lemonade to charcoal drinks and wine.They have pastas and prepared foods, toys, gift baskets and more.
Maddy M.   June 29, 2021
Excellent prepared food! I can always find specialty brands for things like coffee and prepared coffee drinks (lots of local cold brew and local roasters)....
Philip C.   April 19, 2021
I don't get the three-stars- are the people of Concord so spoiled? This place is a gem. Granted a pricey gem, but nobody wants cheap gems anyways! This...
Nicky E.   March 29, 2021
I love this little store. My partner and I came to Concord as a mini "getaway" during COVID times. I walked here while he was taking a nap to grab some...
Stephen Harte   March 7, 2021
Bring your money as the prices are high. But they have very good produce and some excellent prepared foods.
Jessica Irving   March 6, 2021
This is a great addition to Concord. All kinds of local products: great breads, cheeses, prepared foods, meats and produce.
Atilla Ozkefeli   February 12, 2021
Great market with high end products and helpful employees
Andreas Apostolopoulos   February 9, 2021
Nifty shop with lots of awesome local goodies! Curated well! Everything you could want
Richard Alpert   February 3, 2021
Unique, great selection and not a chain. A win/win.
Christine   February 1, 2021
I love this small, upscale grocery store with a focus on sustainable, local, and high end products (both import and local). This is a great place to go if you want to try something unique and fancy. The wine and beer selection is great and definitely worth stopping in to check out. I am crazy for pie and I find them to be pretty average here. The fruit filling is great - not too sweet and tastes natural, not artificially flavored. The crust is ok. There are some bites that are great - flaky and crispy - but most bites will be thick and gummy.
Diana Hales   January 22, 2021
Good place, good food, but wayyyy over priced.
Brian Fong-Murdock   December 22, 2020
Amazing selection of high quality foods. Great vegetarian and vegan selections. $$$$
debra lister   October 26, 2020
Very unique store, lots of specialties.
Jill Stewart   October 8, 2020
The best place to go if you are one of the lucky ones and live at the train station or in the woods in concord-
Ron Davis   September 10, 2020
Very nice store
Chris Bernardi   August 26, 2020
Beautiful higher end market, with great selection and solid beer/wine offerings.
Justin Andrews   August 18, 2020
Very nice selection of meat, convenient, and family owned! The best steak I've had in a long time.
Kevin Warren   August 15, 2020
High-end grocery store with great stuff.
john nicholson   June 13, 2020
People were very nice. Food we got was superb. Stopped there during a bike ride to Walden Pond. Had a chicken quesadilla and pasta vegetable salad. They have some excellent local produce.
Donald McInnis   May 30, 2020
This is a great high-end grocery store. Like a mini whole foods. Food from their kitchen is terrific.
Jason G.   February 6, 2019
I've never seen a store more needed in a town than Concord Market. the beer and wine selection is better than any liquor store around. The meats are better...