The Concord Market

In a world of big-box retailers, knowing where our food comes from is important to us. At Concord Market, we strive to offer our community and visitors carefully selected specialty foods, including fresh cooked meals and baked goods, small batch packaged goods, artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, craft beers, and wines.  We work hard to find items that are made sustainably by people committed to crafting high quality, hand-made products. We also work to get to know our customers on a personal level.  This allows us to provide an in-depth understanding of the products they like  We strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere and an all-around enjoyable shopping experience.

Along with our sister restaurant, Trail’s End Café, we offer a wide range of catering options. We are able to cater on site in our restaurant (including in our private lounge), or offsite. In addition to providing delicious food made with fresh and local ingredients, we offer full bartending services for both on and offsite events. From small private gatherings to large corporate events, we are happy to create a menu for your needs.

Contact Information

77 Lowell Road Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-7500



Brian K   May 16, 2024
Nice selection of high quality third party products, including a decent selection of international choices (again, particularly given the size of the store). Prices are a bit high, no surprise given the location. Only negative is their own brand items - almost all include high fructose corn syrup, a generally unnecessary and unhealthy additive. Surprising given the quality of their party party products, but make sure you check the labels. Most of their prepared meals, including things you would never expect (quiche with HFCS?), and also their desserts. For the market they are targeting, I would expect more natural ingredients.
Atikus Ozkefeli   April 28, 2024
We love Concord market. Helpful staff, great choices, fresh produce, a lot of parking and
Don Counihan   January 12, 2024
How refreshing to find a country market with a real butcher the staff is friendly, welcoming, and make you feel like you’re at home. And their fresh baked goods are delicious too.
Tom Matthews   October 2, 2023
I am a local Concord Realtor and I travel to many towns and Concord market is a special addition to our community. To have a grocery store in downtown is such a wonderful opportunity and what I really love is their prepared food section. If you have a tough day at work or the kids have activities and there is not time to make meal then you can get a prepared meal here and bring home, warm and eat knowing you are getting a wonderful meal!. We are thrilled to have this establishment in town! Tom
M Smalley   May 24, 2023
Wow, a hidden gem just off the beaten path in Concord. So glad we found it. Fantastic selections of everything, and,so fresh. Great prepared meals and baked goods, fresh vegetables, lunch meats and salads. Well worth a visit!!!
Mike Smalley   May 24, 2023
Wow, a hidden gem just off the beaten path in Concord. So glad we found it. Fantastic selections of everything, and,so fresh. Great prepared meals and baked goods, fresh vegetables, lunch meats and salads. Well worth a visit!!!
Ed David   May 10, 2023
They have a killer type of coffee. So good. I need to call and find out what it is. Staff is awesome.
Olivia V.   May 5, 2023
Iu just had the best chicken cutlet of my life today at concord market, every bit was more delicious then the one before, the staff was so friendly and I am...
Stephanie Muise   April 1, 2023
The Concord Market is like if Whole Foods and Trader Joe's had a baby and that baby had upscale farmcore aesthetic. It was very clean, the people working there were nice and helpful but also not up in my space or pushy. Stock is kind of eclectic and covers fruits and vegetables, baked goods, meat, a small selection of alcohol (mostly? all? wines, beers, and ciders), a dairy section, but also some odd stuff -a candy section with mostly novelty and old-timey candies, some unusual sodas and juices, nice pasta and Asian food sections, some eco-friendly bath and cleaning products, and a pre-made meals area. Would recommend as a place to go in and look around. Will go back.
Fred Curtis   January 31, 2023
Just by luck I ran into Tommy the butcher. He used to be my go to guy for roasts where he worked before. Now that I found him I’ll be back. He never steered me wrong (pun intended) with my roast selection and he just puts me in a good mood.
Anthony Mavilia   January 15, 2023
A must visit!!!!!! Amazing selection of meats, cheeses, produce, baked, and grocery items The staff are super helpful and knowledgeable. The prepared foods dept always has super tasty choices.
Adam B.   November 29, 2022
This store has a well-curated selection of hard to find items ... lots of $12 ice cream and $5 bottles of soda ... which appease the Concord-ites in their...
T Neilson   September 17, 2022
I could live off The Concord Market. Has a huge selection of every kind of food. Great prepared and delicious meals to go. A great bakery. A huge selection of beverages and wines. Has produce and cold cuts. Just everything you need in ONE store.
Derek Rodenbeck   September 9, 2022
I love this place! The concord market actually feels a lot like a store called butcher and pantry in Vermont. If you don’t know the reference just know it’s really good. High quality goods, great atmosphere, and really nice staff. I took a lot of photos so you can get a sense of the space. There is a wide selection of products and a seating area to enjoy them. Also, the concord market owns the restaurant in the same plaza. Highly recommend checking this place out. The products they offer are hard to find any place else locally.
Paul Brown   August 28, 2022
Good local market that specializes in providing victuals at the high end of the price and unusualness spectrums. Excellent wine and beer. Good (though not wide variety) fresh meat and seafood. Excellent bakery.
Ricardo   August 22, 2022
Great selection, although the toy section now makes it hard to stop by with kids and not walking out with a new toy with each grocery shopping stop.
Jim McSherry   August 15, 2022
Cool spot! Interesting items! Really helpful staff!
D G.   July 31, 2022
Best picnic supplies! Grab a charcuterie board and wine to go and head out the paddle on the Concord River...or just grab quick dinner ideas from...
Susan J   July 5, 2022
I started out quite a skeptic on this place when it first opened 3 years ago, but they've won me over with really good food and bend-over-backwards service. Their Friday night barbecue is terrific. Their meat and fish and produce are all fresh and first-quality, and their baked goods are good enough to feed to my fussy family with nothing but happy faces. Yeah, they're a bit expensive, but everything is these days, and I'd rather pay a bit more for high quality than get cheaper stuff that's not so good.
Brian Heney   June 21, 2022
Very cool market in Concord! Great little market with prepared foods, delicious, farm to table type produce and vegetables, craft brews, etc:. Worth a stop if in the area...
Joey Price   June 16, 2022
Excellent potato chip selection. Knowledgeable staff in the wine department, ask for Kyle
Kyle Taylor   June 15, 2022
Fantastic selection of healthy foods. Perfect for vegetarians
Vivian Cheng   May 31, 2022
What. A. Cute. Market! I can’t believe they had duchesse de Bourgogne beer. One of my all-time favs. Greta beer selection; great selection of everything really.
Anthony Duran   May 10, 2022
A bit pricey, but that’s what to expect for an awesome and wide selection of quality, fresh, unique, international and or authentic goods. And I love their select days of specials, like the Cornish Pasties, Ramen and or Donuts. Very lovely, helpful and friendly staff.
Georgina Wells   March 21, 2022
The products displayed was absolutely great and also the selection was great. Easy to find everything, it was well organized and clean area as well.
George Price   March 5, 2022
Bought some fresh salmon. FANtastic broiled with my special fixin's.
Jesse Campbell   February 8, 2022
This medium-sized grocery store is located near a pharmacy, bank, café, and gas station and has a wide variety of products, including a selection of baked goods. The prices are a bit high, but the employees are friendly and the chocolate-chip cookies are amazing.
Carl Popolo   January 24, 2022
Pricey, better quality. Good selection of prepared foods.
Connie Mashock   January 3, 2022
I stumbled onto concord market. Aisles full of groceries, sandwiches, ready made meals and nice wine. I'll be back.
Megan Hahn   December 12, 2021
Love love love this place! They have a great selection of local groceries from produce and cheeses to wine and beer. Everything is always clean and well organized. The staff are also always friendly and helpful.
Health Enthusiast   November 10, 2021
Very very pricey but unique items from alcohol free whiskey to dark chocolate digestives imported from England
David F Barton   October 22, 2021
Amazing shopping experience in an up-scale environment. Seeing the building is worth a visit. Many products for sale are local sourced and others are the best we have seen in a market. Our experience was that of a locally owned and run sophisticated operation popular with locals. You will not be disappointed.
Greg Burrow   October 5, 2021
Wonderful small grocery store with really nice and knowledgeable staff! Enjoyed my shopping experience!
Mark Alcarez   August 8, 2021
Really great to go food for parties. Beautiful place and helpful staff.
Lee S.   July 23, 2021
When Concord Market first opened I was not that impressed. Now...I'm 100% in the opposite direction. They have really utilized the space, the offering are...
Leah Klein   July 16, 2021
An amazing find that for so long I did not know existed even though I drive by here often. The market is fairly large with baked goods, breads, local and interesting selections of drinks from unicorn lemonade to charcoal drinks and wine.They have pastas and prepared foods, toys, gift baskets and more.
Maddy M.   June 29, 2021
Excellent prepared food! I can always find specialty brands for things like coffee and prepared coffee drinks (lots of local cold brew and local roasters)....
Philip C.   April 19, 2021
I don't get the three-stars- are the people of Concord so spoiled? This place is a gem. Granted a pricey gem, but nobody wants cheap gems anyways! This...
Nicky E.   March 29, 2021
I love this little store. My partner and I came to Concord as a mini "getaway" during COVID times. I walked here while he was taking a nap to grab some...
Stephen Harte   March 7, 2021
Bring your money as the prices are high. But they have very good produce and some excellent prepared foods.
Jessica Irving   March 6, 2021
This is a great addition to Concord. All kinds of local products: great breads, cheeses, prepared foods, meats and produce.
Atilla Ozkefeli   February 12, 2021
Great market with high end products and helpful employees
Andreas Apostolopoulos   February 9, 2021
Nifty shop with lots of awesome local goodies! Curated well! Everything you could want
Richard Alpert   February 3, 2021
Unique, great selection and not a chain. A win/win.
Christine   February 1, 2021
I love this small, upscale grocery store with a focus on sustainable, local, and high end products (both import and local). This is a great place to go if you want to try something unique and fancy. The wine and beer selection is great and definitely worth stopping in to check out. I am crazy for pie and I find them to be pretty average here. The fruit filling is great - not too sweet and tastes natural, not artificially flavored. The crust is ok. There are some bites that are great - flaky and crispy - but most bites will be thick and gummy.
Diana Hales   January 22, 2021
Good place, good food, but wayyyy over priced.
Brian Fong-Murdock   December 22, 2020
Amazing selection of high quality foods. Great vegetarian and vegan selections. $$$$
debra lister   October 26, 2020
Very unique store, lots of specialties.
Jill Stewart   October 8, 2020
The best place to go if you are one of the lucky ones and live at the train station or in the woods in concord-
Ron Davis   September 10, 2020
Very nice store
Chris Bernardi   August 26, 2020
Beautiful higher end market, with great selection and solid beer/wine offerings.
Justin Andrews   August 18, 2020
Very nice selection of meat, convenient, and family owned! The best steak I've had in a long time.
Kevin Warren   August 15, 2020
High-end grocery store with great stuff.
john nicholson   June 13, 2020
People were very nice. Food we got was superb. Stopped there during a bike ride to Walden Pond. Had a chicken quesadilla and pasta vegetable salad. They have some excellent local produce.
Donald McInnis   May 30, 2020
This is a great high-end grocery store. Like a mini whole foods. Food from their kitchen is terrific.
Jason G.   February 6, 2019
I've never seen a store more needed in a town than Concord Market. the beer and wine selection is better than any liquor store around. The meats are better...