Concord Center for the Visual Arts

Concord Center for the Visual Arts, also known as Concord Art, is located in downtown Concord. It was founded nearly a century ago.

Today it has four galleries, offers classes, workshops, and many incredible exhibits.

Contact Information

37 Lexington Rd. Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-2578


Cynthia McMullen   May 5, 2023
We were so honored to host our wedding party at the Concord Center for Visual Art. I cannot express enough our admiration for the venue's historical character, current artwork on display and staff for the special evening. Siri the venue host was very helpful with any questions and at the end of the night making sure we had everything. It was truly the perfect setting for our party. Ample space for the 60 guests in attendance. The caterer Susan Lane Events coordinated great with the Center's team. Our guests enjoyed the space for dancing, food, and beverages. Thank you again Natalie and team!
David Levin   November 26, 2022
Wonderful small gallery. Always has an interesting show on display. The history is fascinating too.
Ric Wheeler   December 12, 2021
Beautiful space with some lovely pieces of art on display.
John Nesbit   October 15, 2021
Small venue filled with contemporary art by locals. Items are for sale. Wide variety, and it demonstrates artistic talent from some locals.
Andrew Hatcher   December 23, 2020
Had a wonderful ceramic sculpture show which just ended early December 2020, Clay Has Its Say. The pieces were very effectively chosen to play off and amplify one other, all tickling the brain with a strong human narrative potential that is not often associated with ceramic.
Vivian C.   March 27, 2020
(Pre-COVID-19 experience) I headed off towards Concord a little later than planned. Fortunately traffic was smooth that evening and I managed to make it...
David Bragdon   February 7, 2020
I recently enjoyed a juried art show (Jan 16 - Feb 9, 2020) at Concord Art. It was a bright, sunny weekday, flooding the exhibit with illumination and quiet. One painting which especially delighted me was "Rocky Shore, Monhegan" by Roy Perkinson. I highly recommend stopping in here if you are passing through Concord, MA. The building, circa 1752, was the John Ball House. There is no charge for admission.
Samantha Hawthorne   December 16, 2019
The classes here almost rival the ones at the Emerson umbrella campus across town, and the rotating displays are to die for. Such a fantastic staff!
Gary Schrute   November 24, 2019
The best place in concord for fun and always new art! The head really knows what she's doing!
Douglass Stan   November 21, 2019
Great art rotation, a verity of fun classes every week, and the head of the organization may be the best they have had in years! Absolutely fantastic.
Lenard Diggins   October 15, 2018
Excellent space with some great art and a very friendly staff. It has a cozy feeling, and there is the sense that one is on an art expedition as one roams around the various rooms on both floors. It's very close to the center of Concord, and it's a short ride on the Commuter Rail from Boston. The $10 weekend pass on the Commuter Rail makes this an even more affordable trip. There is also some great foliage on the 10-minute walk from the Commuter Rail stop to the CCVA.
Steve Lipofsky   June 15, 2018
I had somehow overlooked this place my whole life. I wish I had found it sooner. It's a lovely old building that is bright and Airy. The art is first rate and very diverse. This selection is large enough for you to spend just the right amount of time looking without being overwhelmed. I will definitely return periodically. This staff was welcoming and very pleasant.
Lauren A.   May 20, 2013
I attended an open gallery at Emerson Umbrella and had a fantastic time. All of the artists were fantastic and nice people. I'd love to sign up for some...