Concord Academy

A renowned and rigorous high school for individuals who go on to leave their mark on the world, located in historic Concord, MA.

Concord Academy is an independent, coeducational boarding and day school renowned for world-class faculty, passionate students, and graduates who make their mark on the world.  The Concord Academy community thrives on a love of learning through the care and partnership of their teachers.

Innovative teaching drives the curriculum. Concord Academy’s approach to the sciences, arts, and humanities is infused with opportunities for intellectual growth, experimentation, and hands-on learning. CA students are honest, dedicated, and self-driven. The experienced teachers afford them the flexibility to learn as they do best — while achieving personal goals, whether building a robot or directing a mainstage performance. Creative problem-solving and creative expression are at the core of the CA experience.

The large, beautiful campus on Main Street in Concord, Mass., is home to nearly 400 students in grades 9 through 12 from nearby towns and around the globe.  CA prizes collaboration over competition. Daily interactions are shaped by uncommon levels of trust. They embrace diverse perspectives and backgrounds, they foster independent thinking, and they invite passionate dialogue and debate. They believe that living attentively, questioning assumptions, and speaking one’s own truth are essential elements of an engaged and active learning experience.

When CA students graduate, they’re prepared not only for college but also for lives of service and impact. CA’s alumnae/i are authors and ambassadors, entrepreneurs and engineers, dancers and doctors. This is a place where students love to learn, where creativity and trust are abundant natural resources, and where the history and literature of New England enrich us every day.

Contact Information

166 Main Street Concord, MA 01742


Phone: 978-402-2200


Molly D.   July 6, 2017
I came here for almost 10 years as a child, so granted, my review is reflective of my experience at WCDA from almost 20 years ago (woah! time goes by...
guillermo fondeur   April 23, 2017
Amazing pl.
米哈伊行天下   December 5, 2016
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渣子菠萝   August 3, 2016
Eddy C   July 16, 2016
Grateful place for bring your child at summer camping, a lot of art activities
Sam Feibel   April 27, 2016
CA and CAXC are the best!
Kelly C.   September 11, 2013
My daughter is 8, and starting her second year here. We are very happy with this studio. It is well-managed, the teachers are fantastic, and the end of the...