Colonial Inn

Welcome to Concord’s Colonial Inn, a landmark historic hotel in New England’s charming town of Concord, Massachusetts. Here, you’ll discover gracious service, a warm and welcoming location for meetings, creative cuisine and 56 spacious, well-appointed guestrooms with historic flair and modern amenities. Close to major highways and just 20 miles from downtown Boston, it’s easy to visit our historic inn for a weekend getaway, unique wedding or productive business trip. We look forward to welcoming you as our guest.

Contact Information

48 Monument Square Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-9200



Julia G.   April 28, 2024
Foodies look no further than the restaurant at the Colonial Inn. Chef is meticulous in quality control in the smallest details such as the buttery crispy...
Hefei Enterprises   April 21, 2024
Kitschy turn-of-the-century Feel Main St., Concord… rocking the field of colonial surroundings is comfortable when they say it hesitated feel consistent with what it is a colonial breakfast establishment, although appear staff the owners on several facilities on the same block there I don’t know if it’s run by the same owners, 5min distance to local eateries and convenient in acquaint town with a bit. I enjoyed my stay there several of the local Aries and the bakery are quite good.
Hefei Ent   April 21, 2024
Kitschy turn-of-the-century Feel Main St., Concord… rocking the field of colonial surroundings is comfortable when they say it hesitated feel consistent with what it is a colonial breakfast establishment, although appear staff the owners on several facilities on the same block there I don’t know if it’s run by the same owners, 5min distance to local eateries and convenient in acquaint town with a bit. I enjoyed my stay there several of the local Aries and the bakery are quite good.
Boston T.   March 31, 2024
Our family went here for the sec d consecutive year on Easter. The buffet offered a delicious assortment of meat, seafood, and vegetables. Everything was...
Tara A.   March 20, 2024
During my recent trip to the Boston area, I tried the clam chowder at 5 different restaurants. This one was the BEST by far! All other entrees were delish,...
Jesse Ferreira   March 5, 2024
Amazing place! Didn't stay the night but their food was excellent especially the poutine. The inside is beautifully decorated and really gives you the feeling of a haunted colonial house. We checked out the infamous rooms 24 and 27. Nothing strange happened at room 24 so we headed down to room 27 where at first everything was normal, but when we left to move down the hallway through the two push doors, we were very caught off guard when the second door slammed shut behind us to its original place. (keep in mind these doors shut very slowly and swing on both sides) We were thinking about telling an employee but just decided that there probably wasn't any point at the time. We will be returning soon for dinner and to possibly stay there for an investigation. Overall a great place and a really fun haunted atmosphere!
Denis Malkov   March 1, 2024
If you can get a table sit in the old pub. It has the full menu and much more character than the very ordinary main dining room. Regardless the menu is great, food comes out quickly, they have a kids menu too. The lobster roll was terrific (new england style).
Markos   February 24, 2024
While passing through Concord we were impressed by the looks of the building. Very traditional North American colonial design. So we decided to have lunch there and what a treat it was. Very traditional interior with very friendly staff and excellent food.
Donna Allen   February 21, 2024
I went for lunch with 3 friends on a Tuesday afternoon. We ate in the tavern. There were options for all diets and the prices were moderate. Substitutions weren't difficult (fresh veggies instead of fries). The veggies were fresh and cooked slightly more al dente than expected, but were still good. Desserts were very good. Our server was efficient and the food arrived very quickly.
Jane Tremble   January 7, 2024
We were not staying at the Inn but came to what must be our 15+ New Year's Day Brunch/Lunch in the restaurant there. The setting is beautiful, the food is wonderful from the breakfast foods , to the shrimp cocktail, salads and soup, to the carved tenderloin, chicken dish, seafood entree and vegetables, to the abundant deserts. They offer a special drinks menu as a nice accompaniment to the brunch food as well. Service is wonderful. As we said goodbye to our friends, it was same time next year.
Alan Mathon   December 29, 2023
Fantastic inn, loved the creaky floors and the winding hallways. Stairs can be a little steep and can turn, so be careful. The inn is positioned perfectly in Concord. A short walk will take you to the market and plentiful restaurants in the other direction. The restaurant there was pretty awesome, too! Had the lobster roll. Downsides, the water wasn't too hot for a shower (may have been the time we took the shower).
Cyn Mc   December 28, 2023
We had an event in the Alcott room. We had many guests stay at the inn. It is quaint. Historical and timely for that character. Parking is in the back. Super walkable to coffee and restaurants and galleries in Concord. Staff were helpful and pleasant. It was a great weekend and event. Thanks to Bella for the coordination. Super reasonable pricing for the room reservation.
C Me   December 28, 2023
We had an event in the Alcott room. We had many guests stay at the inn. It is quaint. Historical and timely for that character. Parking is in the back. Super walkable to coffee and restaurants and galleries in Concord. Staff were helpful and pleasant. It was a great weekend and event. Thanks to Bella for the coordination. Super reasonable pricing for the room reservation.
Cynthia McMullen   December 28, 2023
We had an event in the Alcott room. We had many guests stay at the inn. It is quaint. Historical and timely for that character. Parking is in the back. Super walkable to coffee and restaurants and galleries in Concord. Staff were helpful and pleasant. It was a great weekend and event. Thanks to Bella for the coordination. Super reasonable pricing for the room reservation.
Michelle E.   December 22, 2023
Second time I've been to the Colonial Inn and I'll never tire of it. Last year I had Chicken Marsala and this year I had Chicken Pot Pie. Both were...
Mark Graves   December 6, 2023
An American treasure located on monument square. We stayed in the original section built in 1716 that oozed history, charm and character. Incredible restaurants and tavern.Cant wait to return.
Kyley Slater   November 3, 2023
We stopped in here for lunch. It was not as busy as I was expecting so that was great. We were seated immediately and the service was good. I had the fired and chips and although being in New England I thought it would be more traditional chips but they were just French fries. The fish was excellent and flaky with a good breading. The wife had the chicken pot pie. It was more like potato soup with a pastry crust over top of the bowl. It wasn't bad but not her favorite meal thus far on our trip.
Malcolm Bryant   November 2, 2023
We had lunch here. The dining areas are in a very historic part of the building, but small and the noise of people's voices makes it hard to hear each other talk. The food was good. I had a burger that was cooked exactly as I asked. However, the sweet potato fries were cold, and the soup was sloshed down the sides of the bowl.
Susan Robinson   October 26, 2023
Beautiful location. We were seated inside the tavern with two small children. The height top was perfect for our group. We had hamburgers, Flat bread, Cesar Salas, sweet potato fries - but the best was the Chowder!
Debra Mellecker   October 15, 2023
We had a lovely lunch out on the patio. Service and food were very good. The view was also very nice being in the heart of downtown Concord. They were very busy but managed it extraordinarily well.
Kathleen Koechling   October 9, 2023
We had an extraordinary visit at Concord's Colonial Inn. Our room was charming and more spacious than we expected. Everyone we met, from front desk to restaurant servers, was kind, friendly and helpful. We had two meals in the restaurant, and both were wonderful. We highly recommend this Inn and hope we can return some day.
Mike Edwards   September 23, 2023
We didn't stay at the Concord Colonial Inn. We had lunch there. The food was delicious and healthy, and a little bit pricey. There is a lot of space in this restaurant, and we were able to get right in. The building is an older, historical one, which has been modernized in some places and in some ways. I recommend this restaurant.
Bonnie Hodina   August 23, 2023
We ate in the original house. Had the choice of eating on the front porch, but it was a bit buggy. We loved eating inside this beautiful old house. The pot roast and chicken pot pie were delicious with sides of garlic mash potatoes, butternut squash, a roll and corn bread.
William B   August 22, 2023
Elegant colonial style hotel built in the seventeen hundreds and still operating. Best parking for hotel guest is in the back. Staff is super friendly and professional. The location is pretty much in the center of the town, so expect a lot of traffic.
Ray Stevens   August 4, 2023
Went for lunch and took a while for our server to find her way to us, and once she did, the service was quite good. The food was first rate and the environment is very cozy in the historic building. Quite the experience!
Thomas White   July 25, 2023
Didn't stay the night, just had lunch there. It was a really great lunch! Service was fast and courteous. Food was prepared quickly and was delicious American cuisine. Highly recommend before heading out to see the historic sights!
Deb D.   July 10, 2023
Enjoyed my stay at the Colonial Inn. Very convenient location, walking distance to a lot of historical sites and shopping. The room was very clean and...
Ruben Stemple   July 8, 2023
Nice hotel in a great location. Rooms are old but well kept. Beds could use an update. No elevator at least in the old section which is completely understandable, but in case you need it you should know.
Geoffrey Gould   June 22, 2023
We had father's day lunch here after exploring the old north bridge and Walden pond. I especially love the old colonial feel of the restaurant and the root beer!
Tom Matthews   June 19, 2023
I own a local real estate business with Joanne Taranto and we love Concord's Colonial Inn. We host a client brunch for close to 100 people at the Inn and it was a magical experience. The staff is so welcoming and the Sunday brunch is amazing. This recently came back after a break from Covid and I anyone who visits Concord has to try the Sunday Brunch at the Inn. The property has been fastidiously maintained while focused on preserving the history and Charm!
Roman Krupitsky   June 18, 2023
Can't speak for the hotel or the indoor dining, but the outdoor seating was right on the money! After driving around the Boston area on a overcast and rainy fathers day afternoon trying to find a break in the clouds. Somewhere around Concord/Lexington area we came across patches of blue skies and we started searching for restaurants with outdoor seating. To my surprise there were not too many to choose from and I took a chance on this spot. The location is great, the rest is consistent with the whole rustic feel of an old tavern. The best part was that our dog was welcomed and we were seated rather quickly considering the holiday weekend. Food was surprisingly good as I was expecting the "tourist trap" cuisine that we tend to see in historic places. Service was quick considering every table outdoors was occupied. I had the $17 Buffalo wings. Although they were definitely made prior in a large batch and reheated with sauce to serve, they tasted on the better side of such variety. Not dried-out at all and the Buffalo sauce tasted house made! Everything else we ordered came out very good, the sweet fries were a hit! Overall real good!
Eugene A.   June 15, 2023
Great place for outdoor dining when in Concord. Was surprised at how few restaurants there are in the town center. Had a nice lunch or fish and chips (nice...
Lea U   June 8, 2023
Amazing experience at this hotel! Absolutely beautiful and in a stunning, historic area. Everyone was so kind--especially Bianca at the restaurant! She really went above and beyond. Room was great and I slept like a baby.
Karle Lyons   May 28, 2023
We stayed in the most haunted room as this hotel has a rich history of the Revolutionary War. The staff was very kind and shared their stories of their experiences and other guest experiences. The bartender Lawrence was great, and overall, this place was probably the oldest place we've stayed at so far. Very clean and the bed was so comfortable. If you're in Concord definitely check this place out.
Theresa C.   April 19, 2023
We had dinner here after attending the reenactments at Minute Man National Historic Park. The ambience at the Colonial Inn was a fitting end to our day. We...
Pablo Luis Pernas   March 6, 2023
I could not put a text when I gave my 5 stars, now months later shortly before traveling from Madrid to NYC I remember them. It was really a very good choice that allowed me to visit the city and its museums, as well as such important historical sites. The hotel was more than friendly, the interior bar was very fun and I found it surrounded by services, even free parking behind. Good price and right in the center you can't ask for more.
Brendon Davis   January 30, 2023
The ambience is fantastic, the waitress was wonderful, the food was delicious, but they cooked both of our meats incorrectly. I asked for medium rare, she asked for it medium well, and mine was well done, hers was RARE rare. An unfortunate mistake that really changes the experience of the food and sours a first impression, unfortunately. We certainly will be back and can’t wait to be back again.
Michael Eldridge   December 25, 2022
Of course this is an Inn and you can stay there but we just went for the food. Located in Concord which is a lovely New England town with all sorts of cute shops on the main drag. I had the Reuben which was really good and about $18 and my daughter had Chicken Marsala which was excellent and was $22. Definitely worth a stop. The service was very courteous and professional.
Tom Gorin   December 3, 2022
Lovely hotel and restaurants and really loved the ambiance at the tavern. Highly recommended. The food was average but the service and ambiance made up for it entirely. Cannot comment on the rooms though. If you're planning to eat there, reservations are recommended.
Hope Pitney   November 22, 2022
The bartenders were great and the food in the hotel restaurant was pretty good. There need to be updates made to the rooms. There is a big scuff on the wall, maybe it just needs to be painted again. The walls are paper thin and we could hear everything in the hallway and adjoining room. The one major plus was that maintenance came to our room right away and fixed the heater, which was set to cool and we were not able to fix it. So that was great. The people that we dealt with were very kind, I just think the rooms need to be updated a little bit. But overall, the hotel is adorable and the town of Concord is very quaint. Would I stay here again? The answer is maybe.
Barbara P.   November 11, 2022
If you love chicken pot pie, this is a place you will love! Everything included in this order is well prepared and well matched. The crust is delicious, the...
Ann Pendleton   November 9, 2022
The entire evening was perfect!! The parking was easy, the Inn was full inside and out. Our table was great, our server/bartender was fantastic, taking special drink requests, letting us know about the Inn and the meal was delicious. We walked through the Inn with all its history. Truly happy we chose to go there, you will be also.
Claire-Marie Brisson   November 7, 2022
Wonderful, historic spot! The pot roast was tender and delicious. The server/bartender was attentive and kind and made sure to check in on us frequently, but not too often that we didn’t have private time. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting. We will be back!
Maura C.   October 25, 2022
My husband and I had dinner at the bar in the Forge Tavern last evening. Despite it being crowded for a Monday evening the service was pleasant and...
Adam B.   October 8, 2022
One of the most picturesque little Colonial town squares in Massachusetts, you'll find (the front of) Concord Inn to be an upscale version of what Colonial...
Alisha W.   October 8, 2022
Check in was great, every single member of the hotel staff was gracious accommodating and informative. Room was small but clean and adequate. Location is...
Bailey   September 12, 2022
I highly recommend the main inn. It's so full of history and energy. There's an inn house tavern from the 1600s as well as a nice restaurant. I can't wait to come back. It's definitely haunted! We didn't get to stay in room 24, the makeshift hospital for the injured revolutionary war solders, but we were in the room across. I was awoke many times throughout the night and even heard scratching at one point. Regardless if you're coming for history or haunts, you won't be disappointed.
Christopher Williams   August 21, 2022
Another wonderful Veterans Day. The Concord Independent Battery (picture in the first photo from late 1800s) still fires in tribute of those that have and continue to serve for the greatest country on earth. Great salute if you are lucky enough to catch it! Great town. Great history. Great Patriotism.
RustyCT1   August 4, 2022
Concord's colonial Inn, on a Wednesday morning, provides a lovely setting for a brunch or lunch. They are very accommodating, the food is excellent, and our visit was during a very warm August day, and nonetheless sitting outside on their porch was a good experience! Love the colonial decor and charm.
Freehold Cellairis   July 21, 2022
Location, service and accommodation were awesome. Love the lady who works at the front desk on Monday morning. She is wonderful!! Also I couldn't be happier that there are little treats when I went into my room! It made my day. Thank you.
Kristina Jimenez   July 10, 2022
Kaan was the greatest hotel associate I’ve worked with in a very long time. He was immediately so welcoming to our wedding party, very attentive to our every need, and went out of his way to ensure all of our guests were comfortable and well taken care of. I highly recommend him for any job in the future. Great worker, and overall great person. Highly highly recommend.
Kat 4truth   June 30, 2022
Stayed in room 24 & got an interesting picture on my SLS camera around 2am which lasted about 30 minutes. This place did not disappoint. Anyone who says they need updating is wrong. This hotel needs to stay the way it is. Putting in modern furniture or bathrooms would absolutely take away from its coziness and character! Also, the restaurant is unbelievable! It's definitely in the top 3 places I have ever eaten at. I expected regular bar food there, but I was so wrong! The steak is fabulous! I will be staying there again this weekend and I can't wait. I really love this place! Oh, and it's very clean as well!
Stephanie Ann   June 27, 2022
We stayed in a Prescott Queen room while visiting the National Historic Site nearby. It was fascinating to stay in such a historic location and I would highly recommend this inn to all. Pros: Amazing history, great location, clean, comfortable, updated bathroom, FANTASTIC restaurant Cons: The wall AC unit did well with lowering the temperature of the room but it did stay a little humid (with that being said, I am sensitive to heat and it was very tolerable), very small shower (to be expected from a historic inn).
Ryan Horan   May 19, 2022
We ate lunch here on a warm, sunny day in May 2022. The service was friendly, and reasonably attentive. Drinks list is limited, so don't come expecting a world-class cocktail or beer list. The food was solid, stick-to-your-ribs fare. The Poutine was tasty, and easily shared amongst the 4 adults at the table. The brown gravy was rich, and the meat was flavorful. The green beans that accompanied the pot pie were excellent - very crisp and fresh tasting - though they needed a bit of seasoning. The clam Chowder and pot pie were similar. Decent enough, but underseasoned. Salt and pepper improved both a great deal. I highly recommend taking the time to check out the interior, and maybe grab a drink at the tavern in the back. You'll feel like you've been thrown back a few hundred years into the Colonial past.
Rich Berryman   May 15, 2022
Took out our friends out to lunch here after showing our friends after taking to some to some of historical sights. Had reservations. Got to seats quickly and so with service. We were not rushed food was good as usual. Recommend highly.
Graham Short   April 26, 2022
Multiple rooms open at different times of the day. The back bar is clad in dark wood and serves a good pint of Guinness. A must if you’re in town
Aly K.   April 22, 2022
What fantastic piece of history. I was thrilled to stay here, and I fell in love with the area. My room was clean and the staff were all very nice. I have...
Connie Hantzis   April 19, 2022
My friend and I had a wonderful lunch on Saturday at the Colonia Inn in Concord. We had the nicest young man wait on us. His name was Noah! He gave us exceptional service and made our lunch extra special. The food was delicious! 5 Stars for the food and for a Noah!
Mark Palmer   April 17, 2022
Close to the main commercial area, quiet in the evenings, and comfortable. The staff, starting with the manager, Zachary, are friendly, and accommodating. The restaurant is very pleasant, and the food is always hot and prepared just as requested. If you are staying in the Concord area, this is where you want to stay!
Michael F.   March 28, 2022
My wife and I stayed here for a couple of nights while we visited Concord and Lexington, MA. The Inn was within walking distance of downtown Concord which...
Rachel London   March 28, 2022
I have visited this beautiful hotel every year since I was ten. I always love coming here. I haven't been able to come the last two years due to covid but I am hopeful that I will be able to visit this year. Hope they still have the cornbread because it was my favorite.
Philip H.   March 24, 2022
Solid menu in a beautiful charming historical town. Ambiance is pleasant reflecting americas revolutionary era. Menu is casual with many choices from...
Peter Ph   March 20, 2022
Dropped in for lunch. Staff are always warm, welcoming and helpful. Traditional fare, beautifully done.
James Zelony   January 17, 2022
I had the Ruben sandwich with greens for lunch and it was excellent! The greens were fresh and tasty even during winter. The sandwich ingredients were all delicious and perfectly prepared. Service and ambiance are very attentive and engaging. I highly recommend ;-)
Christine C.   December 31, 2021
The Colonial Inn is totally charming, and that area of Concord is really lovely. Quiet and quaint perfectly describes the Inn. It is really fun staying...
Dave Winkler   December 28, 2021
Solid! Across all expectations! The staff was dealing with an apparent scheduling issue today. We were escorted to the Village Forge Tavern where the staff took excellent care of us and made sure we were right at home. Starters: New England Clam Chowder that rivals the best in the area. Entree: My wife chose the Poutine and loved it! "It was delicious!" Her words. I chose The Alcott with simple greens on the side. The greens were perfectly coated so that every bite was fresh, crunchy, and as if the greens were harvested this morning. The sandwich was prepared such that the turkey was moist and paired nicely with the brie, arugula, and apple mustard but the one thing that brought everything together was the cranberry ciabatta. It was crunchy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside which helped every bite explode with flavor. It's been 9 hours since my visit and I can't wait to go back and enjoy another meal at this delightful establishment. I would recommend it to anyone!
Rob H.   December 19, 2021
While there wasn't much hot water in the shower the room was still very nice and much to our liking, as fans of little women it was cute seeing they had a...
Kaveh Zehtab   December 17, 2021
This is a historical inn with a nice ambience. I've only been to its restaurant and bar. The bar is very cute with a good menu of drinks. The restaurant offers very decent (large portions) American cuisine. We were a relatively large group and ordered a variety of items from their menu. Everyone was happy with their meals.
L   November 24, 2021
Most of the staff were decent and friendly; the rooms were okay. We had a mix-up happen our first night and were upgraded for free the second night, which we appreciated. There were some thoughtful touches. But, housekeeping was vacuuming the halls at 8am sharp BOTH days, which was super annoying, especially with how thin the walls were. One housekeeper actually assumed we must've been gone - after planning to switch rooms, we're not sure if maybe the front desk didn't relay the message we were still in that room or if they had us marked as being checked out already - and housekeeping started to open the door/enter our room without knocking first or announcing themselves (we thought for sure we had put up the "do not disturb" sign, but it was gone - ghosts, maybe?). Thank goodness we had clothing on at the moment! Additionally... we almost always end up pushing our check out to the last minute, which no hotel has ever hassled us about before. But here, both mornings we had the front desk calling our room phone at exactly ZERO seconds past checkout time to remind us that CHECKOUT WAS AT X AM and WE WERE NOW TECHNICALLY OVERDUE. Geez! The phone literally rang as we had our hand on the door knob and were ready to head down the stairs. They don't mess around! Overall it was a nice hotel and a decent stay, but some of the staff were a bit pushy. Also the entire town shuts down and rolls up their sidewalks around 5pm every day of the week and we ended up having to drive 20 minutes down the road and 20 minutes back just to get some food after deciding we didn't want to eat dinner at the hotel again - and then realizing there were NO other options. It was a cool experience but perhaps not the best for younger couples who like to have modern amenities and a little more flexibility.
Alessandra Valentini   October 28, 2021
One of the best food experience i had in Boston. Their chicken pot pie is probably the best i ever had in my life. The place is so cute and old school Boston. I love it
frances rohrbaugh   October 9, 2021
Don't forget to use ʜᴏᴛᴇʟʙᴜʟʟʏ .ᴄᴏᴍ when booking a hotel. They compare hundreds of booking web sites and normally will have rates a lot cheaper compared to others! Thank me later! This resort is one of my favorites in the area. I've been staying here for a very long time. If you choose this place you definitely will love it I'm sure! Really great food, drinks
John Z   October 9, 2021
This review is for the restaurant, not the hotel. Excellent service and food. The fish and chips was especially good. We really liked the waiter who served us. The outside of this restaurant is a square with great view so you should always choose to sit outside.
Mark Thompson   October 9, 2021
Charming old inn with a cozy pub and inviting porch for drinks and a bite. Food and service are very good, but the ambiance steals the show. Be prepared to wait, as this is a very popular spot.
Dylan R.   October 3, 2021
The food was freshly prepared, seasoned properly, impeccably presented and benefited from unique recipes.
Tim Richardson   September 24, 2021
We visited Walden Pond, walked the trail around the pond that Thoreau walked and we worked up an appetite. We drove into nearby Concord for lunch and, after asking a few locals, decided the local favorite was the Concord Colonial Inn. I had an Old Fashioned and the black bean burger, my wife had the kale salad. Food was good but the best part was the setting and watching the people of Concord walk by, just living their lives. BTW, sit outside if you can.
Brian O'Connell   September 19, 2021
This is a review for the restaurant great service food is good! The only thing I would say I wasn’t enthused with were the truffle fries they were very soggy. The burger was great!
Derek Rodenbeck   August 12, 2021
I felt this place was so good that I got takeout here two nights in a row! I’m transitioning to the area as I’ve started my job in Boston. So half the week I am staying in an Airbnb. There are a few things I’d like to highlight that the colonial inn is doing well. The food is delicious! I had takeout so I had to drive a little and then eat it. Still on point! I’m excited to eat here without getting take out. Ambiance is welcoming, staff is helpful, and people seem to really enjoy their time here. The location is beautiful, sitting across the street from the park in the roundabout— it’s calming and enjoyable. So, if you are looking for a good place to grab some food, even takeout- check out the Colonial Inn!
Michelle Bernasconi   August 8, 2021
I had my last minute wedding here in July 2020! The event coordinator was outstanding. The food was delicious and the team went above and beyond during covid-19 times to ensure that we were safe during the event. I am so appreciated for all that the staff did to make our wedding reception fantastic!
Karl W.   August 1, 2021
Sunday Breakfast (we did not stay at the Inn): Arriving at 8:15am we were the first seated outdoors, but then it filled steadily. There was a buffet, but...
Laurie McCabe   July 28, 2021
From check in to check out I have nothing but good things to say about this place. Staff are friendly and extremely helpful. We ate in the restaurant as well and the service and food were excellent! The hotel was very clean and absolutely beautiful. I give this place my highest recommendations.
Mike   June 14, 2021
Right in the heart of downtown Concord you can find this charming old inn and restaurant. The staff are friendly, the setting is charming, and overall this is a lovely place. The food was good - certainly more an inn than restaurant type of vibe/food quality. The prices were fair, and the service was good. If you go, make sure to sit outside if you can!
Greg Snow   June 1, 2021
Great historic inn. Rooms are small, but nice. Restaurant has fantastic food. Chicken pot pie and pot roast are equally delicious. The bartender, Subasz, had good drink recommendations. We'll be back soon for another date night, away from the kids and still close to home. A well deserved 5 stars.
Patrick Fallon   May 31, 2021
Super friendly staff. Short staffing pains were evident at our visit. Great effort and execution for our daughter's birthday dinner. Great to be out again. Food was good. Not Great. Priced for great.
Fran Kane   May 24, 2021
Super nice staff. Very quaint feeling throughout all right in the heart of town. Great experience. Would go again.
Nichole Farine   May 17, 2021
I was so happy with our stay here. The room was very clean and comfortable. The staff was so friendly and the Resturant was DELICIOUS! I had the chicken pot pie and it was incredible. My son loved the lobster roll as well. If I ever make it back to Concord I will definitely stay here again. I highly recommend this place!
Athena Drew   May 10, 2021
Daughters took me here for Mothers Day. My favorite place in historical Concord, Ma. Food is always great. It's also a famous Inn.
Bill Lipsett   April 26, 2021
I'm a history nerd, so I absolutely love this place. The Inn, itself, is very historic, and it's centrally located in one of the most historic places in the nation. Restaurant is always very good, and the rustic pub caps it all off. An absolute must stay if you're in the area.
Brett Cochran   March 26, 2021
Great yankee tavern food. Have only been here during pandemic but I'm super looking forward to trying the bar because it looks so cozy. The wife is gluten free, on this place has great alternatives. Clam chowder and fried calamari gluten free!
Jeffrey Reddig   March 18, 2021
Wonderful place to stay in the heart of Downtown Concord. Excellent restaurants too!
Alaina Froton   February 11, 2021
Fun place to go. My mom and I like to go ghost hunting and it was really cool! Cute place.
G-Knotty T.   January 28, 2021
I'm glad to have the opportunity to give this review. I was feeling drowsy while making an eight-hour drive through New England last Sunday. I happened to...
Anjali M.   January 18, 2021
We recently had our first stay at Concords Colonial Inn and it definitely won't be our last!!! We loved everything about this Inn- the room was spotless,...
Jess Alaimo   January 5, 2021
Just wanted to point out a few things for potential guests because this was not at all what I expected when I booked it (from only seeing it online.) This hotel isn’t updated, in any way. Even for a boutique hotel it was pretty drab. We stayed in the Prescott wing. Everything was very clean in the room. It was pretty much spotless. We had some issues checking in on the first day but the front desk attendant the next day was amazing. The staff was awesome and friendly and there were zero issues after that. Being in the historic building is super cool if you are into history. It was fun exploring the different rooms. The location is literally perfect and walking tours even leave from the hotel (highly recommend the little women tour.) This hotel is good but just don’t expect the accommodations to be that great (rooms are super tiny.) It’s more like a novelty to stay there. I recommend it for its location and price.
Thomas Fabiano   December 28, 2020
Had Christmas Eve dinner which was wonderful. Felt very safe with table arrangements. Food was delicious, halibut and beet appetizer was great. The Inn was decorated nicely which added to the experience. One suggestion would be to add holiday music.
Kyle Mocker   December 15, 2020
Very nice venue for a wedding. The cottages were nice as well. We couldn't get the heat to turn off though and it was overly hot when I stayed there.
madeline design   December 4, 2020
In love with ZACK! We all thought he studied hospitality in college. He is gorgeous and works so hard. Wish he could be my friend outside of the hotel! Especially now, it is hard to meet new friends in my old home town during the pandemic. Oh and I also love the hotel, the hospitality, the food. The swordfish and potato pancakes, the steak, the breakfast. I am so obsessed I stayed her for like 3 months! Don't forget yet again... I have a huge friend crush on the front desk kid. haha
Kimberley Wozniak   October 22, 2020
Very picturesque and lovely. Wait staff helpful and courteous. Food was really good. I had the NE clam chowder which was delish.
Rebeca Ávila Luis   October 5, 2020
Beautiful restaurant. We couldn't get a table outdoor, but we felt really comfortable inside. The place is clean and cozy. Food was delicious! And good portions...
Lou Rock   October 1, 2020
First off I’m a paranormal investigator and came to this location to see what kind of paranormal evidence we could capture ! It was a very amazing stay I have to say it’s totally awesome place to investigate the paranormal it’s definitely haunted and the staff is totally amazing accommodating and very informative also I lost all of the money I had with me for traveling and I was very distraught we did not find it and the next day we stopped to have lunch before we left a waitress approached me and she looked pretty excited and she said I’ve been looking for you I think you dropped this little did she know that was every penny I had since I was going home that day I didn’t think I needed that much money so I split it with her because she deserved it for being a great hostess and an amazing human being I won hundred percent recommend this place to anybody whether you’re into the paranormal or not but I would definitely say if you don’t want to be around anything ghostly you may want to think twice because this place is definitely haunted!!!
Deb Miles   September 29, 2020
The staff was accommodating, the rooms lovely, and the dinner on the patio was fabulous. The location was perfect to walk to many of the places we wished to see. We highly recommend it!
Eva Schicker   September 22, 2020
A truly authentic historical inn in the heart of Concord, Mass, that has to be on everyone’s list of top places to visit while in this picturesque area west of Boston. The inn has wonderful rooms with a colonial-era decor, a wonderful restaurant serving generous portions of seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes, as well as a wonderful wood-themed pub. The clam chowder is one of my favorite items on the menu, along with the crab cakes, the burgers, the salads, and of course, the desserts. So visit and enjoy. For COVID pandemic measures (September 2020), masks must be worn inside, and dining is outdoors, with open space between tables.
Lee Lipski   August 30, 2020
Been here before with my wife and had a good experience. We decided to try the restaurant again and they understandably had a more limited menu and enjoyably, outdoor seating. The service was good but the food left a bit to be desired - the chicken sandwich i had was very dry and my wife's meal wasn't cooked well. Given the current situation we're willing to give them a pass and try again later
David Cahoy   August 26, 2020
Outdoor patio, main street Concord. Beautiful historic environment. Generous serving of potroast was great!
PJ Heckman   August 13, 2020
Great place to get a dinner or something light to eat in a historical setting. There is also a pub that often hosts musicians. In the summer, the porch is a lovely place to enjoy outdoor dining! In addition, lodging is available.
Dude Bro   July 12, 2020
Beautiful place to wake up to and walk , waldon pond nearby !
Tyler Lane   June 17, 2020
I stayed at this hotel last year. When I arrived I was a little confused with parking but then figured it out. When I e needed the hotel and got to the reception desk you could tell the hotel was older. After getting our keys we went down to our room. The room I stayed at was an addition added onto the hotel. The room was nice and the price for it was very reasonable. Staying at Concord's colonial inn was a great experience. The restaurant that is attached to the hotel is very good and prices there are reasonable as well. The one down fall about staying there is how confusing it was to get to your rooms. Once I was there for my second night I got use to it. The hotels spot is perfect as well. When i stayed there I did a lot of walking to different areas and was able to shop around without taking my vehicle. Also the additions to the hotel where very nicely done. The back story about this hotel is very interesting as it was used during the colonial was. It is worth looking into before staying. This place is really worth the visit expically if you like history.
Dev ..   March 18, 2020
We visited in May 2018. Make sure to reserve a room in the HISTORIC MAIN INN, which is the ORIGINAL building. There's an extension that was built way...
Lori F.   October 27, 2019
Our first time coming into the Inn to try one of the restaurants. For years we pass by as we are "doing the sites" of Concord & Lexington. We for sure will...
Bea T.   September 5, 2019
Okay this is not only a tourist site but it is known to be a haunted colonial inn. I didn't see anything. I just came here for afternoon tea and was quite...