ATA Cycle

Ata Cycle is an Independent Bicycle Retailer in Concord, MA. Our number one priority is to provide exceptional service to every customer, which in turn empowers our customers to achieve their cycling goals. One of the major rewards of our work here is to get to know new people every day who have a desire to improve life through cycling. Some use the bike for casual sight seeing, improving their ability to explore the region and discover new, easily accessible places to relax. Others have used the bike to eliminate the dreaded daily car commute, reducing gas consumption, gridlock frustration, while simultaneously receiving a daily cardio fitness boost. We also have a dedicated cohort of customers who use the bike as a tool for building serious fitness, and competing at amateur and professional levels. We specialize in Triathlon fittings, and gear customization advice for the annual race up Mount Washington. While our roots and passion are in road racing, we are dedicated to educating our customers regardless of whether they ride occasionally for fun, or every day as a professional.

Contact Information

93 Thoreau Street Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-5960


Brad Dahms   September 16, 2021
Husam and team were fantastic to work with. I went from a super detailed fitting to a beautiful custom built Storck in about a week, and they were there every step of the way. The entire team is friendly and helpful, and despite their wealth of knowledge you never feel any attitude whatsoever, which sets them apart from the high end shops in the area. Would highly recommend new bike purchases, fittings, and service at ATA if in the Boston area.
Ronald Tocci   September 12, 2021
I purchased a bike second-hand and brought it to ATA to have it prepped for an upcoming race. Shrey was incredible— she sized, altered and changed the bike so it would enhance my experience; her help was invaluable. I highly recommend ATA to cyclists of any level looking for high quality service and expertise. Thanks Shrey!
Gary Videlock   June 16, 2021
Excellent and friendly staff. From fitting to custom assembly, the process was smooth, efficient and fully explained. I had a great discussion and explanations for choices of frame, wheels, gear sets, brakes, and accessories with Husam and I now have the bicycle of my dreams that I love riding. We did a saddle swap the day after I had a chance to ride 20 miles and now it's perfect. I recommend that if you want a professional bicycle fitting leading to a perfectly fitted (and tuned) bicycle, go and see the folks at ATA Cycle in Concord, MA.
Robert Artola   June 13, 2021
A huge thank you to Husam, who’s hands down the best! Came in for a fitting and left having met a new friend who made me feel as if I was his only client. I truly am grateful for ALL the work, time and helpful insight. I will absolutely never go anywhere else! I proudly wore the ATA colors at the MA State championships on Saturday!!
Charlie Sneath   May 24, 2021
I had an excellent experience with this team. I had plenty of support when buying a new bike + getting child seat installed, and quick service to get a tune-up for my road bike. Happy to have a fantastic local bike shop!
Todd Snell   May 18, 2021
5/2021 - Adding to my review from 3 years ago. Despite challenging availability of parts ATA did a great job of recently building a gravel bike for me. After a few bike purchases from ATA Shrey and team know my sizing and are able to deliver a bike that fits perfectly. ATA is truly a great team that makes sure the bike and the fit exactly match your needs. I would not purchase a bike anywhere else. 2018 - I had the opportunity to purchase both a gravel bike and mountain bike at ATA. I chose ATA because I really wanted to nail down proper fit. In both cases the fit has been perfect with no need to go back and make adjustments. With my mountain bike I was able to phone ATA on short notice and quickly have a bike ready based on my measurements from my gravel bike. As expected the bike fit perfectly. As an intermediate rider I really appreciate ATA's service, knowledge, and responsiveness. Overall excellent service and products. Great team. Highly recommend.
Antje Barreveld   May 18, 2021
Shrey is phenomenal. With her physical therapy credentials and bike savvy, she makes you feel excellent on a bike. She is efficient, intuitive, and you always feel special. ATA has high end bikes and knows you will leave with a big bill, but it is so, so worth it. I am incredibly happy with my evil sexy bike thanks to shrey. I recommend the team very highly to anyone looking for amazing customer care, a hot bike, and some serious speed.
Arthur Engelhard   May 16, 2021
Got fitted to my bike for the first time ever. It was an awesome experience start to finish. Special thanks to Shrey for being great to work with and answering all my questions!
Nathaniel Bossi   May 5, 2021
I had my second bike fit today with Shrey, and the experience was as excellent as the first. Every possible question and concern was addressed, every annoying phone call I placed leading up to the fitting was answered. Best possible bike shop, best possible outcome. If you have to spend your money anywhere, you would be hard pressed to find a better place, anywhere. Superlative.
Beth Walker   May 5, 2021
The staff at ATA, starting with Husam, are so passionate and knowledgeable about the mechanics of bikes and cycling that it is infectious! As an older rider, my top priority is extending my riding years and comfort. Husam conducted my fitting and explained my body mechanics and efficiency opportunities. He explained the sources of my discomfort before I even told him there was any! He built me the most incredible bike well within my budget, including talking me out of more expensive options that do not add comfort or efficiency. I've already ridden more times and miles than last year with no aches or pains or problems and I'm even faster! My bike and I love the hills of Harvard and we will be a fixture on these roads for many years to come!
robert barnes   April 20, 2021
ATA cycle is THE place to go for bikes and bike fit!!I recently had Husam refit me on my bike because I was not feeling Comfortable. his fit lab is fantastic. the care and attention to detail is what makes him an expert on bike fit. With a couple of small adjustments he had me back again in the sweet spot on my bike, and my pleasure in riding was dramatically increased I am 78 years old and still an avid rider. He told me that I periodically need to be checked because as you age your body changes, and you need to adjust for that. I expect to have many more years of riding. It's a great way to stay fit. I consider Husam the "Yoda" of bike fit
Kelly Mcdougall   April 19, 2021
This was my first bike fitting. I was in the market for my first road bike and as someone new to road cycling with some chronic pain from past sports I wanted to make sure I bought the right bike. The fitting process was extensive. The first day was focused on taking measurements and having me ride the fitting bike they have in the lab. Not being very familiar with the process I was comfortable asking questions and felt like I was in good hands the entire time. I was able to talk with the fitter about possible adjustments and once I got my bike it fit perfectly. I just finished my first road ride of the season and none of the old pain came back so I'm looking forward to the rest of the year.
Kelly M.   March 23, 2021
This was my first bike fitting. I was in the market for my first road bike and as someone new to road cycling with some chronic pain from past sports I...
Jaime Kvaternik   March 22, 2021
Went here last weekend on a bike trip from Boston to Concord — got a flat a mile away from the town and they were super helpful in fixing it! They offered to do it for me or provided me with the tools to do it myself. Great service and a lot of cool stuff! This bike shop is on my list if I ever need anything in Concord again.
Batu Akkaya   March 15, 2021
If you want to buy a bike in USA, AtaCycle is the place. Best pro road bike shop. They helped me to get my dream bike. All team especially Mr. Husam is very knowledgable about bike fitting. I nearly went all bike shops in Boston but the variety that AtaCycle provides is unbelievable. This is not a standart bike shop. They are not trying to sell you bike, they are helping you to find the best possible option for your body type. They have a very wide range of bikes. If you are planning to buy a bike do not decide before calling or visiting AtaCycle.
Billy Hackett   January 27, 2021
Outstanding experience. A level of expertise matched with a willingness to share, helping formulate detailed solutions. Grateful for the opportunity to work with ATA.
Megan C.   December 28, 2020
Man I love this place. I entered this shop for the first time a couple of years ago, knowing absolutely nothing about cycling. A year later I was...
Kyle Hudgins   November 7, 2020
I recently purchased a bike fit and new bike from ATA Cycle and I have to say, they deserve their sterling reputation as one of the best bike shops in the country. The owner and staff are incredibly knowledgeable, professional and friendly. The fit process was exceptional. The owner personally conducted my fit on the machine he designed and built himself, and he showed me in real time how much my comfort and pedaling efficiency could improve with the right fit. It was really, really cool. The owner then recommended the perfect frame for my fit, ordered it, built it himself, and delivered it to me in just a couple weeks. This was all done in within my budget as well. I took delivery of my new bike last week and it is absolutely perfect. I have never been so comfortable and happy while cycling. ATA's bike fit and custom build process are indeed more expensive than buying online or from the big box bike brands, but if you are serious about being efficient, comfortable, and happy while riding your bike, it will be the best money you can spend. I simply cannot recommend ATA Cycle enough.
Jenna K.   October 31, 2020
This is my favorite bike shop in the country. I have tried to find other ones closer to where I live but there is nothing that compares. I fly up here from...
D Cornish   October 5, 2020
The best of the best! Sold me an awesome bike after an extensive fitting. Never had a bike fit me so well. Also used fitting information to adjust my existing hybrid bike - no more knee pain after six months of pain - no more doctor visits, PT, braces or ice - 62 miles yesterday and I'm good as new. Don't buy from a retailer that will sell you a prebuilt bike off their shop floor without regard to the details that matter!
Vince Cacciatore   September 17, 2020
Second to none! I have purchased bikes from every major store in the Metro Boston area and my experience with ATA cycle sets them apart. I was about to purchase a BMC roadmachine from Wheelworks, when unsatisfied with the "take it or leave it" attitude of their salesforce I decided to check out ATA. Having back and neck issues, I have used ATA for a previous bike fitting but I never considered having a bike built there considering the cost to be too exorbitant. (Husam only stocks the best of the best). I worked with Husam to build a bike to fit my needs/budget, and though the price tag was ultimately higher then the roadmachine, I think that the cost differential was more then made up in the value that I received. The primary value was that I have a bike that fits me like a glove, is made of the lightest/best materials and components, and the final product just looks/feels great. Thank you Husam and his superb team of technicians for their patience and stellar craftsmanship. If you love cycling then you owe it to yourself to try ATA.
James R.   September 9, 2020
THE BEST bike shop you will ever go to - and that's a promise. I just drove 2 1/2 hours round trip what I thought was going to be just another bike fitting...
Anne Wagner   September 1, 2020
My husband bought me a Blix Sol electric bike for my birthday (2020). One look at the manual told us that assembling this bike was beyond our limited "skills." ATA Cycle has performed maintenance on my trusty old-lady bike for years, so I lugged the semi-assembled Sol to their shop. A handful of days later, it was done—and perfectly, as always. The store manager, Shrey, even went the extra mile (or two or three) and delivered it to my door since the assembled bike would no longer fit in my car. You simply cannot go wrong with ATA Cycle. Wonderful people, superb service.
Samuel B.   August 26, 2020
As a younger, fairly inexperienced cyclist, it can sometimes be a bit intimidating to visit a 'serious bike shop.' A couple weeks ago when I came in for a...
David   August 25, 2020
I knew that I wanted an Open and they were the only dealer in the area. I went to see them and got fitted by Shrey. After talking about what I wanted, they sent me a build they recommended and I got to customize the parts down to the bar tape. They were very knowledgeable and responsive. The build came out great, even better than I expected. The fit was also perfect. Highly recommended.
Bill Whitledge   August 18, 2020
I had a fantastic experience at ATA Cycle designing my new custom mountain bike with blue carbon Niner frame. The folks at ATA were awesome in helping me order the frame and select the wheels, handlebar, front shock, and drivetrain components that would suit my riding style (dirt and gravel roads/rail-trails with some single track). I love my new bike, and I just spent three weeks riding the bike and Nordic ski trail networks in Carrabassett Valley, Maine. Thanks ATA Cycle!
Pamela   August 17, 2020
This is a high end bike shop and I am not their usual clientele, but they were kind enough to fix up my old beater bicycle for a couple hundred bucks during the pandemic when less expensive bicycles have been hard to come by, and they were nice about it. They are also always helpful about getting air in your tires. Much appreciated.
Pamela M.   August 17, 2020
This is a high end bike shop and I am not their usual clientele, but they were kind enough to fix up my old beater bicycle for a couple hundred bucks during...
Nina You   July 31, 2020
My husband gave me the gift of bicycling about 13 years ago by giving me amazing experience of a bespoke bicycle here. I’ll never forget it. That bike is so fast that when I’m at my top speed (which is not fast since I’m an average bicyclist) I feel like the wheels are flying off the road! The bike is lighter than my work purse!
Jason Pamental   July 24, 2020
A really friendly, knowledgeable staff, and the best bike fitting I've had (including 10 years of racing all over the US). They helped make my old bike fit better, and when it came time for a new one, delivered a spectacular ride. I've had my new Storck Fascenario for a week now and couldn't be happier. The bike is beautiful, fast, fun, and fits like I've been riding it forever.
George   June 11, 2020
Husam and the ATA team are by far the most experienced cyclists, mechanics and trusted shops on the east coast. I have purchased several bikes over the last 20 years from them and all have been very solid and properly setup for my time trial, triathlon, road and off-road racing. You will not find a better shop!