51 Walden Performing Arts Center

The Performing Arts Center at 51 Walden is located at 51 Walden Street in Concord, Massachusetts. An historic venue for music, drama and dance performances, it has three resident groups, The Concord Players, The Concord Band, and The Concord Orchestra. Upstairs there is a dance studio which is rented to several instructors who teach classes in creative movement for children, hip hop, yoga, and Irish step dancing. 51 Walden is also home to Opera51, which performs fully staged and costumed operas every year.

Contact Information

51 Walden Street


Phone: 978-369-7911



Amanda DELANEY   August 3, 2019
I went to see A Winter's Tale. It was wonderful, the acting was amazing. I will be going again.
Joshua Rosen   June 9, 2019
2018. Saw Gounod's Faust. It was a terrifically staged and well performed production considering that this is just a community opera company. The space is not particularly attractive and the sound required amplification which means that the acoustics of the building aren't very good. However they did a great job of compensating for the lack of naturally good acoustics. 2019. Saw Opera51's production of Carmen here. Once again it was terrific. Last year my understanding was that Opera51 was amatuer but that doesn't seem to be the case this year, the leads were professionals.
Julie's bites   June 9, 2019
Performance exceeded my expectations. The performance art center itself is not top notch.
Vincent James   June 8, 2019
Great performance of Carmen!
Bernadette and Mark   May 13, 2019
Great front of house service!
Matthew Stieglitz   May 21, 2018
Very good local concert.two soloist were fabulous.look forward to next event