What’s happening out there?

Hello and TGIF. We just completed first week of CQ (COVID-19 Quarantine). What a week it has been…

Please send any news to us regarding urgent needs in our community or helpful info.

Please consider helping:

  1. The Community Chest When In Need Fund    The Concord-Carlisle Community Chest is an organization built on  the concept of neighbors helping neighbors. In times of stability and times of challenge in our community, the Community Chest is a stable of resources and support to dozens of organizations, and thousands of individuals who struggle to live fully in our communities.  However, in many circumstances our neighbors are at critical risk.  The WIN (When in Need) Fund helps Concord and Carlisle individuals and families with unexpected or emergency expenses to aid them in getting through a challenging time. The Community Chest works closely with the Community Outreach Coordinator, Concord Council on Aging, Carlisle Council on Aging, and other community agencies on case referral. In response to the COVID-19 crisis the  Community Chest has expanded our emergency support to address the short and long-term implications of those impacted by the COVID-19 situation.  Please consider donating in this extreme time of need.
  2. Emerson Hospital Emergency Relief Fund  – You can have the greatest impact by donating to the Emerson Hospital Emergency Relief Fund. Please consider making a donation to help us support the community.

  3. Open Table  – Please read how you can help.

Be creative – make pictures and add cheer to Assisted Living facilities in the area:

Connect with friends & family – near & far.

We had family chat last night with groups in San Francisco, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine and Massachusetts.

Tell us your favorite platforms – Zoom? Google Hangout? Discord? FB Group Chat?

Stock up (but don’t hoard)

News around town today –

Debra’s is well stocked and even as toilet paper! Trader Joes has implemented a civilized system for shoppers – people line up outside (10 feet apart – see photo) and are let in to the store as other shoppers exit. As you enter Trader Joes, an employee uses sanitizer to wipe down a cart for you. They seem to be restocking as people come through to shop. We hear most restaurants / cafes / food stores are open for take out and they are taking measures to avoid any transfer of germs. Please support local businesses when you can.

Weekend plans? Which room of the house?

Share any tips / suggestions / info!

Be well.



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