West Concord Five & Ten

As a kid, Maynard loved roaming the aisles of West Concord Five & Ten and finding new surprises along the way. When he took over the shop from his father, he was committed to keeping the same fun and wonder-filled atmosphere the store always seemed to have. Now, Maynard and the staff continue to fill the shelves with both fun, nostalgic trinkets like rubber duckies and kites to functional items like hardware, clothing, and seasonal products. If you can’t find something you’re looking for, just write it down in the “Want Book” at the register, and they’ll do their best to order it for you. Since 1934, the owners of West Concord Five & Ten have been filling every nook and cranny of the store with hidden gems to discover, and hope you feel the same sense of nostalgia and delight that they’ve experienced since the day the store opened.

Contact Information

106 Commonwealth Avenue Concord, MA 01742


Phone: 978-369-9011


Gailann Kimbrough   September 26, 2020
I'm gonna miss this place soooo much. What a fantastic little piece of history.
Pat Brewer   September 22, 2020
This store has been a favorite landmark and merchant for decades. Very sad to see they are closing. Come in while you can.
Ruth Benyo   September 17, 2020
This is a great, cheap nick knack store that's loads of fun to browse! You never know what you might find!
Beth Evans   August 26, 2020
You can find whatever you need here. It's crazy good! They are closing in December!
Thomas Amoroso   August 15, 2020
Continues to impress. Has a variety of new (modern) items, as well as replacement items for older stuff that are simply not to be found anywhere else. Family owned and operated, with a solid customer service ethic. Recommended!
caroline seamans   June 26, 2020
They are always so helpful and have so many things one might need. Especially cool small kids toys and favors.
kathleen krause   March 1, 2020
It is the Best...Like going back in time to find things you can use and the prices are so reasonable!
Drew G.   November 6, 2019
This is an amazing store that seems like it's from mid-century. They have just about anything you can't find anywhere else. I've bought test tubes, screen...
william wolfson   June 2, 2018
We went to this store for nostalgic reasons but once we arrived we were amazed by the selection and how they seemed to have everything in just the right quantity.
Betsy Olsson-Mackowski   April 4, 2017
I really like this funky little place. They usually have what I need and surprise me by having obscure items and fun new toys. Even if they do not have exactly what I am looking for, there is usually something close to what I need that I can substitute and it is a wonderfully convenient place to pick up birthday gifts for kids. My kids love this place too. Great spot for them to spend allowance money.
Chris R.   September 24, 2016
Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here. Poster board? Yep. WD-40? Yes, sir. Lightbulbs? You know it. Board games? Say what?!? And who...
Debbie Shepherd   September 8, 2015
I have always found what I needed on the shelf, if not just ask, they might have it out back. I am amazed at the variety of items in such a small space. Organized well, prices are reasonable for such a convenient one stop shop! I've shopped there for crafts, office supplies, kitchen stuff, gifts for kids, gift wrap/boxes, electrical supplies, summer goods, party goods, Halloween make up, clothing dye, cleaning products. Saves a trip to big box store and cuts down on impulse purchases:) I've brought friends from out of town there just to check it out.