Asian Gourmet

Looking for sushi or hibachi in Concord, MA? Look no further. Asian Gourmet has both!

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794 Elm St. Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-8114


Cecelia G.   May 15, 2023
Called in an order on Mother's Day, and the place was really jumping when I arrived to get my order. The person at the front desk was very cordial and...
Youngmi C.   April 28, 2023
It is one of our favorite restaurants. We go there every three months. We enjoyed dinner at the hibachi table today as well but just heard that it will be...
Kimberly K.   February 28, 2023
We went on a Thursday night and there were not many people there. The service was very pleasant and quick and the food was really good and priced well. We...
Brian Grabiner   February 24, 2023
Went here on a whim for lunch only to discover the food here is amazing. They have lovely dim sum (order off a menu, not carts) including flavorful soup dumplings and tofu skin. The sushi was also fresh and tasty. The inside of the restaurant is a bit dingy and the outside is not particularly inviting, they clearly focus more on the food and that's ok! Very authentic food, we will definitely be coming back! Edit. We came back! Got the bubbling fish fillet (spicy and amazing), the squid with basil (fried, not great wouldn't recommend), sliced beef with scallion pancake (fried but full of flavor, quite good), and pork with bamboo and tofu (ok, nothing special). Photos for posterity.
Kelly Doan   February 16, 2023
Went with a party of 22 here on a Saturday night after a long day on the mountains. Very close to the resort. Place was packed after we sat down( 5pm) as expected so make sure to make reservations a few days ahead of time. They only have 2 tables of 10 and one table was already reserve. We took 4 tables total with 1 big round table. Food was okay. Most of the dishes were sweet and sour even the Chinese eggplant with garlic sauce which didn’t have any garlic flavor at all. Just sweet and very sour. Our favorites were the bubbling fish and the Sichuan fish, both very spicy and had tofu on the bottom. The sweet and sour chicken was okay. We wanted the bubbling beef but they messed up and gave us 2 bubbling fishes instead. Same price so it was fine. The shredded pork with bamboo shoot/ dried tofu was good. Still finished all 4-5 rounds of food. Most not pictured. Total with tip was around $630
D. Marq   December 26, 2022
Excellent lunch - beef and chicken. Great service.
Lourdes T.   November 21, 2022
Delicious, easy to order, ready on time for pickup. We were in the area walking Minuteman Park and decided to pick up eats before heading home. Fast,...
Jennyfer N.   November 7, 2022
Truly excellent Chinese food. We were craving some authentic options as there aren't many ethnic styles of cuisine in nearby Concord. This place literally...
Ming Tang   August 11, 2022
Some of their dishes are really authentic like the carrot cake(?) And beef noodle soup. Will try dimsum for sure since I heard some servers speaking canto haha.
Random Fun Every Day   August 7, 2022
Great food. Not much parking. Building is run down and in need of updates. Clean. Excellent service and food quality. Large portions.
Michael Sullivan   July 14, 2022
This place has it all, packed into a small building. They have Japanese cuisine, sushi, hibachi, and Chinese cuisine. I go for the Chinese cuisine and the clientele suggests they must be doing something right. I recommend the Dry Cooked Fish and the Crispy Pastry with Taro.
Orit B.   July 14, 2022
Loved the vegetable mushoo and the vegetable and tofu soup. Quick and delicious!!!
Tiffany C.   June 27, 2022
Food is absolutely amazing! We had the pork and cabbage dumplings, General Tsao, Garlic in chicken and shrimp fried rice. We had left overs so we ordered...
Morgan C   May 14, 2022
An out of the way gem. The sign advertises sushi and hibachi, which they do have, but definitely try the Taiwanese/Chinese special menu. The braised pork over rice and the pork and cabbage dumplings we had were quite good. Also excellent tea. The staff was also friendly and efficient.
May K.   May 3, 2022
My husband and I got food from this place twice. We ordered different things each time, and we shared with another couple each time so we were able to get...
Steven Blair   April 21, 2022
This is definitely the best Chinese food I've had outside of the Boston area. I'm not Chinese, but I think this is more authentic food than your typical place in the USA. I had the cumin lamb last visit and the taste was very good. Everything I've had was great. It's hard to get xiao long bao outside of thr dumpling house of Chinatown. It is very fortunate to be on my way home so I try to visit a couple times a month. The server is always so very friendly and I'll never know how they get such good food to my table so fast. They do not skimp on spice and the white rice is just excellent. Sushi is really fast and fresh tasting but I have to go with the chef dishes. My only wish is that they had Zhajiangmian, this is my favorite of all Chinese foods! Really top notch restaurant. I totally suggest you try.
Jessica R.   April 11, 2022
In a suburb of Boston called Concord boosts a lot of Revolutionary war history and is home to many authors, albeit deceased authors (Thoreau, Emerson,...
Colin Bratton   March 21, 2022
My favorite take out Chinese place in the area. More authentic than what you find at many other similar places in the area. If you do sit down and eat the atmosphere inside is very nice.
Kelly P.   March 13, 2022
would give a 4.5/5 stars! we've been coming here for a while now (even before they switched owners) but we recently went back again and it was great as...
JLM Nurse   February 15, 2022
Pork buns are the best! Good is always delicious and people there couldn’t be any nicer or more welcoming. We are definitely repeat customers!
Heb M.   February 7, 2022
We have been going here for more than 10 years. They juggle a very busy takeout business along with indoor dining. I have been incredibly impressed with...
Nick Deckard   February 6, 2022
Customer service is beyond amazing, perfect home environment vibe, excellent quality dishes covering a wide range of pallets. The ladies on the floor keep me coming back, so friendly!
Kirsten Vermeulen   January 16, 2022
Great nook and great food. We went with a group and we all loved it. I recommend you visit and enjoy the cuisine.
Claire Chiang   December 18, 2021
Authentic Taiwanese food which warms our hearts way more than we expected. Definitely, we would want to revisit this place again.
Brandon Thompson   December 15, 2021
The service here is second to none. The staff, be it on the phone or when dining in, are very professional, and just GENUINELY NICE. And that's not even mentioning the food, which is top notch. I've sampled more than my share of Chinese food in 5+ years of traveling for business, and this might just be the best place I've ever been to.
Qian C.   December 12, 2021
This is the still the best Chinese restaurant for our family. The people there are super nice and the food is clean. The taste is fantastic.
Ameil S.   December 5, 2021
Great food- both Chinese and Japanese are available to you here- try the spicy chicken wings appetizer and I promise you- you will not regret it- you must...
emeier t   November 7, 2021
It's a warm and friendly hospitality place.
Elif O.   October 4, 2021
Very tasty food. We ordered over the phone and picked up Lo mein and taiwanese noodles, hot pepper steak, steak with string beans, steamed shrimp dumplings,...
Colin Mara   September 18, 2021
Friendly staff, great food.
Thomas T.   September 18, 2021
Great authentic food. Great service and they made orders easy. Love this place and they do a great job during tough times. COVID precautions and great service
Roland Ouellette   September 16, 2021
Good sushi. Nice Unagi Don bowl.
Herschel B.   August 15, 2021
For Chinese cuisine, this is a fine restaurant. Excellent food. Hidden jewel, as they say.
Brianna A.   August 14, 2021
They offer unique foods compared to other chinese restaurants because they focus on Taiwanese cooking. Very good overall, would recommend.
Caroline J.   August 9, 2021
Just dined here last night while visiting Concord and this place has some very good Chinese food and even tried a few sushi rolls! I personally did not...
Michael Currie   July 4, 2021
Excellent food and service! Family loved their selections. I had the tempura dinner box.
Lucy   June 4, 2021
I love their food, so authentic and delicious.
YF G   May 8, 2021
Yangzhou fried rice and Sichuan chili fried chicken are very tasty!
Gaby Avila-Bront   April 25, 2021
Delicious and fresh every single time
Lih-Ling Lin   March 24, 2021
Great food. Great service!
Joseph C.   February 17, 2021
The food is unbelievably delicious The lady that took my order was a peach!!!! A diamond in the rough this place
Cody Smith   February 3, 2021
This spot is great! Convenient pricing, big dishes and the staff members are regularly friendly.
Steve W.   January 23, 2021
Absolutely the best Asian food in the area. Delicious moo-shoo and the teriyaki is out of this world. Can't wait to try more dishes. Excellent takeout...
Chris T.   January 3, 2021
Delicious and great traditional food Highly recommend Good crispy tofu and sushi. Affordable
Vadim M.   November 28, 2020
Wow! Consistently yummy and high quality Chinese food. Deep, authentic menu. Fantastic Hibachi! This place always hits the spot and has never let us...
Quinton Leon   November 25, 2020
This spot never fails to deliver. They serve awesome food for convenient pricing, there is no waiting time even when they are packed.
Collin Nielsen   November 24, 2020
This place is worth visiting. They serve big portions for reasonable prices. Always neat and with great character. Highly recommended.
Ken M.   October 10, 2020
Always yummy food. Wish they offered in house delivery though. Their eggplant dishes and rice are excellent.
Jacob Freeman   September 8, 2020
Awesome service and REALLY nice waitstaff.
[AR12] iGOTYOU   September 8, 2020
Awesome service and REALLY nice waitstaff.
Raphael Snyder   August 8, 2020
This place is amazing and spacious, the meals was yummy and the prices were very inexpensive. quickly, effective service and very attentive staff. I recommend this place.
Heather C.   August 6, 2020
The Pink lady roll and volcano rolls are seriously the best I've had! Love their sushi!
Rakesh Bhol   June 15, 2020
Chicken in garlic sauce is my favorite! Very nice people working there.
Neymar F   May 27, 2020
This restaurant is my favorite. I eat in plenty of restaurants but here I keep coming back again and again. The team is very amicable and the cuisine they cook is so flavorful. I would always prefer to have a good meal in this place. I recommend this place with pleasure.
Nicole P.   May 23, 2020
Always yummy! They can accommodating to our allergies and are always friendly, even when busy. They are open through the quarantine, for take-out and have...
Mary Rude   January 18, 2020
This is a friendly, laid back place that quickly fills up with Chinese-American families enjoying the best and most authentic Chinese food in the area. The menu is huge and there are always delectable special dishes written on the blackboard by the entrance.
Jiayue Wang   December 28, 2019
We arrived at 5:20, finished ordering at 5:30. Food served at 5:40. We eat super fast!!! Finished everything including check out, wrap leftovers and lucky cookies at 6:00!!! So efficient! It’s decent amount, $41 for two people with free tea!!! Very pleasant restaurant. Will come back again!
Cynthia V.   October 7, 2019
We were looking for a place in the Concord area to stop for dinner to let some traffic die down before we headed towards Boston and had a hankering for some...
Joseph Liu   June 6, 2019
Great food, super friendly and accomodating staff. Definitely try to order the authentic chinese/Taiwanese dishes.